Loyalty programs in "beauté & Vie" salons 

All your purchases are rewarded! 
2 loyalty programs available for everyone: 

SILVER MEMBER (loyalty points)
GOLD MEMBER (E-wallet)
 You become a Silver member when your register in our system 
You become a Gold member by activating your E-wallet
Your advantages ?
   You accumulate loyalty points with every purchase made in a beauty salon.
    You can then use your points to make purchases (treatment, gift, product)

 How to accumulate points ?
Each purchase will offer points. 
  Your points are automatically added to your customer account. 

How to use the points ?
1 point = 1€ discount
We will systematically offer you the possibility to value your points to pay a part or the entire amount.
The point are valid for0 12 months on each item purchased in a beauty salon.
How to activate my E-wallet?
Your E-wallet will be activated when adding a minimum of 500€ onto your customer account. The amount added will be stored and used for your further purchases in the beauty salon.

Your advantages?
You benefit from a 10% discount on all your purchases (treatment, gift, product).
The payment is made automatically, using the amount on your E-wallet.
As soon as the amount is back to 0, your status will return to Silver. 
Your E-wallet is valid for 12 months.
How to switch from one program to another? 

The change in your status can only be made in the beauty salon. 

1. You are Silver and wish to become Gold ?
You are required to add a min. of 500€ to your account.
Your current points will be added to the amount added on your account..

2. You are Gold and wish to become Silver?
The amount on your E-wallet will be transformed into points.. You will no longer benefit from the 10% discount.