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my natural cure
- face & body - 

1. Desensitize reactive skins
2.Protect and treat
3.  Firm up mature skins
4.  Suitable for all skin types
5.  Easy penetration of the product into the skin

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enjoy the sun, but what about after? 

Routine N°1: 
Under the effect of sun rays, water vanish from the skin cells. It is therefore important to apply a moisturising care.

Routine N°2: 
The sun has effects on the free radicals, an unstable molecule responsible for the  skin ageing. To prevent their actions, apply an antioxydant care composed of Vitamin C & E.  

2 beauty solutions

1. Brings elasticity, hydration and protection to the skin.
2. Repairs dry and dehydrated skins.
3. Restores the hydro-lipidic film of the skin.

1. Sooth itching.
2.Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, F excellent antioxydant
3. Powerful moisturizer and softner, it is perfectly suitable for rough areas such as knees, elbows and ankles. 

Spa privatif - univers balnéo -

Private SPA in Comines-Warneton

Discover this space where you will find:

  • Swimming pool (30°), with an integrated Jacuzzi bench, a swimming against the current as well as massaging the neck.
  • Traditionnal Finnish Sauna - diffusing dry heat
  • Steam, hot and humid steam bath
  • Sensory Showers with 4 water jets and decorated with different colours, from hot to cold
  • Relaxation area with comfortable chairs topped with infra-red lights providing a gentle warming sensation.

The beauty salon, my Love Story...
Softness, luxury, refinement, colour harmony, the magic of smell, we thought of everything, especially to you!

Nadine Salembier 

Nadine Salembier - Brussels

Institut de beauté à Bruxelles - quartier Louise

On the most beautiful boulevard of Brussels, the beauty salon is comfortably set between the luxurious boutiques and hotels. A unique occasion to combine shopping and relaxation in the capital of Europe. 

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Nadine Salembier - Comines

Institut de beauté à Comines, près de Lille, Mouscron et Tournai

Berceau de la marque Nadine Salembier, Comines a vu évoluer le concept "Beauté & Vie" à travers les années. Situé en Wallonie, l'institut est à quelques centaines de mètres de la frontière française. 

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This is a major event for our company — which will moreover be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. What a wonderful coincidence! Much more than an acknowledgement, it provides us with a blueprint for the years ahead that supports our vision of the industry: to be and remain “Beauty's Craftsmen”.


 At Nadine Salembier, we are far removed from the concerns that preoccupy the large groups in our industry. On the contrary, our aim is to provide a professional service and quality products  outside the scope of industry that rely on an acknowledged and unique knowhow.