Take advantage of a 10% discount on a selection of 11 complementary beauty routines.

    • Rich Cream 9 Plants (Face)
    • Pfaffia Revitalising Fluid (Face)
    • Pfaffia Synergy Mask (Face)
    • An Bio Youth Serum (Eyes, Neck & Neckline)
    • Exfoliating Soap with Seaweed (Body)
    • Ritual Manucure Izi Beauty Set (Hands)
    • Ritual Pedicure Izi Beauty Set (Feet)
    • Active Shine by Manucurist (Nails)
    • Active Glow by Manucurist (Nails)
    • Mascara Dramatic Volume  by Kryolan (Eyelashes)
    • High Gloss by Kryolan (Lips)

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                              Minceur et fermeté pour l'été

                              The Summer DUO:  Slimming & Firmness
                              Combined, those 2 complementary beauty routines will make the skin firmer, dimples get smoothed over and the orange-peel effect disappears thanks to their  tonifying, firming and astrigent propertes..   

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                              Vernis et soins des ongles Manucurist

                              Now available online:  Manucurist nail care
                              Active Glow™ + Complete Serum: Active Glow™ care polish revives the natural radiance of nails while nourishing them. The Complete Serum, deeply moisturises nails and cuticles without a greasy, sticky finish.

                              Discover the line 

                              Réduire les taches de pigmentation

                              New blog article: The pigmentation
                              Skin pigmentation problems affect skin colour. Your skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin. Melanin is produced by melanocytes. Melanocytes (...)

                              ​Read the article

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                              The beauty salon, my Love Story...
                              Softness, luxury, refinement, colour harmony, the magic of smell, we thought of everything, especially to you!

                              Nadine Salembier  - founder  

                              A ROYAL MISSION

                              This is a major event for our company — which will moreover be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. What a wonderful coincidence! Much more than an acknowledgement, it provides us with a blueprint for the years ahead that supports our vision of the industry: to be and remain “Beauty's Craftsmen”.

                              Fournisseur Officiel de la Famille royale de Belgique 

                              BEAUTY CRAFTSMANSHIP

                               At Nadine Salembier, we are far removed from the concerns that preoccupy the large groups in our industry. On the contrary, our aim is to provide a professional service and quality products  outside the scope of industry that rely on an acknowledged and unique knowhow. 

                              Nadine Salembier - Brussels  

                               Located for more than 50 years in the heart of Brussels' famous Quartier Louise, "Beauté & Vie - Nadine Salembier" welcomes you to its 400 m² premises.

                              A true haven of peace, the "Beauté & Vie" concept combines relaxing treatments, beauty care and spa treatments, with quality of service as the watchword.
                              A warm welcome, comfortable facilities, hygiene and the professionalism of our staff will turn your visit into a privileged moment for you or your partner.

                              Institut de beauté à Bruxelles

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                              Nadine Salembier - Comines

                              Located in Wallonia, the institute is just a few hundred meters from the French border. The birthplace of the Nadine Salembier brand, Comines has seen the "Beauté & Vie" concept evolve over the years. Enter another world, one of relaxation and lightness... A total break with the outside world!
                              The sophistication of the professional detail, the classic and functional equipment without any other form of artifice, the professionalism of the beautician, her transparent and very explanatory discourse are all elements that contribute to the pleasure of the treatment. 

                              Institut de Beauté à Comines

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