les soins en institut de beauté

Eyebrows (Semi Permanent Make-Up)
370.00 € Starting from 370.00 € 370.0 EUR
Lifelike, and providing a true "makeover" look to your face!

Semi-permanent make-up is practised for the following reasons:
• Sparse or non-existent eyebrows (we shade and fill hair-by-hair).
• Highlighting a transparent eyebrow.
• Balancing asymmetrical eyebrows.
• Extending too-short eyebrows.
• Re-shaping disorderly eyebrows.
• Removing body hair from the eyebrows
Whirlpool Universe (1 person)
120.00 € Starting from 120.00 € 120.0 EUR
Add 30 minutes of happiness to the 2hours initially planned to enjoy Whirlpool Universe.
Whirlpool Universe (2 persons)
130.00 € Starting from 130.00 € 130.0 EUR
Add 30 minutes of happiness to the 2hours initially planned to enjoy Whirlpool Universe.
Semi Permanent Makeup - Lips
370.00 € Starting from 370.00 € 370.0 EUR
Perfectly contoured lips from morning to night, jump from in bed to party, and for two years!

Semi-Permanent Makeup is recommended in the following cases to:
• Trace the outline of the lips that disappears with age
• Plump up the lips (or decrease as required)
• Balance asymmetric lips
• Labial reconstruction
• Sheer or matte
• Work on the cupid's bow
• Filling the lips after personalized study and analysis
Eye-Liner (Lower Or Upper)
240.00 € Starting from 240.00 € 240.0 EUR
An eyeliner that is resistant to summer sun or laughter run-off? It is possible!
Semi-Permanent Makeup is practiced in the following cases: • To highlight the eyes
• To densify cilia (hair by hair) to aged eyelids
• To overcome a lack of eyelashes

This is a valid treatment for men and women
Signature Treatment - Pfaffia Nutrition
80.00 € Starting from 80.00 € 80.0 EUR
Treatment duration : 1H30
Pfaffia Facial Nutrition has become in recent years, the number 1 "wrinkle prevention" treatment for thousands of our clients.
Steam Bath & Sun Shower
45.00 € Starting from 45.00 € 45.0 EUR
- Only in complement of other treatments -
Duration: 0H20
Medical Chiropodist *** NEW
40.00 € Starting from 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
Your feet undertake a lot of effort during the day. They require a lot of particular attentions to keep their softeness and wellbeing, more specifically in the presence of calluses, corns, cracks or any other pathology.
Whirlpool Universe - Extra 30min
25.00 € Starting from 25.00 € 25.0 EUR
Add 30 minutes of happiness to the 2hours initially planned to enjoy Whirlpool Universe.
Beauty Of The Feet - With French Pedicure
55.00 € Starting from 55.00 € 55.0 EUR
Your feet endure each day, a long and hard journey. They require specific cares to keep them in shape.
The V.I.P. Cruise
180.00 € Starting from 180.00 € 180.0 EUR
Upon reservation, select your own combination of treatments under a fixed price.
Duration: 2H30
«Beauté & Vie» Break
200.00 € Starting from 200.00 € 200.0 EUR
Original and relaxing, this care package is unmissable.
Duration: 3H00