Nadine Salembier, Founder

        A qualified beautician, Nadine Salembier opened her first beauty salon in Comines-Warneton, Belgium, in 1962. A further four Nadine Salembier salons were then opened, one after the other, in Belgium. NS brought back numerous innovative techniques for massage, make-up and facial care from her many travels around the world.  

        Blessed with a strong will and an unremitting obsession for achieving total quality, Nadine Salembier developed a unique concept of beauty salons, called “Beauté & Vie”: the gentle softness of soothing music, the sound of trickling water, the harmony of colours, the magic of fragrances... and above all the skills of a professional beautician creating a special moment of wellbeing and personal attention for clients. 
        As a dynamic woman, Nadine Salembier dedicated much of her life to amplifying the beauty of women and men. A tenacious and determined perfectionist, she devoted herself to creating beauty products directly inspired by her own experience in beauty salons. Alongside her business activities, Nadine Salembier also chaired the UNEB (Union Nationale des Esthéticiennes de Belgique) and the INFA (International Federation of Aesthetics) for over 30 years. These two roles ensured that a large number of beauticians received high-quality training in beauty therapy. 
        N as in Nature, S as in Serenity: the perfect harmony between a body and its environment! 

        A pioneer of modern aesthetics, Nadine Salembier learns about different massage techniques on her many travels.


        In 2011, Nadine Salembier was awarded the title of "Official Supplier to the Royal Family of Belgium".

        Pionnière de l'esthétique moderne, N

        A model of excellence for many beauticians with whom she will share her knowledge and expertise throughout her life. .