Vityal-C Serum with hyaluronic acid & Vitamin C
19.00 € Starting from 19.00 € 19.0 EUR
Anti-oxidant - Brightens - Stimulates. Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, Vityal-C Serum is the ideal complement for a day or night cream.
Vityal with Hyaluronic Acid
20.00 € Starting from 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
Anti-Ageing - Plumping - Regenerating
Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in our body. Its role is to maintain the skin as moisturised as possible by capturing water and storing it in the lower layers of the skin.
Pfaffia Hydra Repair Balm
18.00 € Starting from 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
All day protection & hydration - In addition to its main active ingredient, Pfaffia Paniculata, the Pfaffia Hydra Repair Balm abounds of plants essential for the perfect hydration balance and the protection against the external aggressions the skin has to face every day.
Pack "Lingettes + Lait Démaquillant Essentiel"
28.00 € Starting from 28.00 € 28.0 EUR
Set of 10 reusable organic cotton cleansing wipes
15.00 € Starting from 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Washable & reusable.
100% organic velvet cotton (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified).
Pack "Brumisateur + Lotion Florale Tonique"
37.50 € Starting from 37.50 € 37.5 EUR
Massaging & Cleansing brush
21.50 € Starting from 21.50 € 21.5 EUR
This silicon-made brush uses the "Sonic Cleansing" technology and offers a dual-use:
1 side to cleanse & the other to perfom massage
Portable sprayer Nano-ION
27.00 € Starting from 27.00 € 27.0 EUR
This high-frequency steamer enhance the absorption of the skin for exterior nutrition and skin essence.
Vegetal Treasure - Face & Body
99.00 € Starting from 99.00 € 99.0 EUR
Your natural cure for face & body
Protect and nourish your skin in-depth.

Exfoliating Soap with brown seaweed
15.00 € Starting from 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
The original and efficient nature of the Exfoliating Soap brings the softness and the efficiency of a classic soap, while gently scrubbing the skin.
When in contact with water, this soap will feel slightly 'rough' Do not be alarmed, the reason for this, is to allow the exfoliation' and toning of the epidermis, washing away impurities, as well as stimulating the blood circulation, regenerating cellular renewal.
Sea Mud Body Scrub
19.00 € Starting from 19.00 € 19.0 EUR
100% Natural - Soft and light, Sea Mud Body Scrub is composed of clay and alluvium deposits from beneath the sea-bed. Micro-particles of seaweed are added to impart scrubbing qualities that soften the skin by eliminating impurities and dead cells. This indispensible care before any body-treatment facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the products, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.
Extra Firming Body Concentrate
18.00 € Starting from 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
With Essential Oils - Toning - Refining - Anti-cellulite
True concentrated cocktail of active aromatic ingredients which spread easily throughout the skin. Its toning, firming and astringent actions combat loosening of the cutaneous tissue and minimises dimpling of the skin.
Firming Neck Balm
25.00 € Starting from 25.00 € 25.0 EUR
Moisturising - Nourishing - Regenerating.
The neck is an area of the body that requires special care. The fact is that the skin in that area is extremely fragile and delicate.
AN Bio - Youth Serum
18.00 € Starting from 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Eye contour, neck and decollete
AN Bio – Youth Serum is designed specifically for the fine AND delicate skin surrounding the eyes, on the neck and the neckline where lines and wrinkles appear prematurely.
Thanks to its light and fluid texture, the main active ingredients penetrate the skin rapidly and leave it revitalised, brighter and smoother.
Eye Contour Cream 857
18.00 € Starting from 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Anti-ageing & anti-fatigue
A care for all skins, Eye Contour Cream 857 imparts elasticity and freshness to this extremely sensitive area of the face. Thanks to its rich and varied composition, this cream regenerates and nourishes in depth. Its texture enables it to penetrate very rapidly, which facilitates make-up.
Facial Exfoliating Balm
22.00 € Starting from 22.00 € 22.0 EUR
Soft scrub - All skin types - Scrubbing is a sparkling accelerator which removes dead cells preventing the skin from breathing.
Facial Exfoliating Balm stimulates cell renewal and is the perfect preliminary to the application of a mask or any other care product.