Our story

        An increasingly strong presence on the Belgian and international market.
        As a business, Nadine Salembier now has a presence in more than 25 countries. Whether in beauty salons, parapharmacies, wellness centres or beauty and make-up schools, the effectiveness of Nadine Salembier products means they are always attractive and appreciated
        Death of Nadine Salembier, founder and CEO of the company
        Despite her death, the company retains its 100% family-linked management structure. Her son, Luc, and grandson, Gilles, provide the continuity needed in managing the “Beauté & Vie” salons and “Nadine Salembier” cosmetic products. The company’s watchword: to be and remain the true artisans of your beauty. 
        Opening of the private “Univers Balnéo” centre in Comines-Warneton
        This private space welcomes clients 7 days a week, from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm 
        for 2-hour sessions (option to add 30 minutes) for groups of 2 to 6 people.
        Awarded the title of Patented Supplier to the Royal Family of Belgium
        This is a major event for our company, which also celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014. A wonderful coincidence! Much more than just an award, this Royal appointment becomes a leitmotif for the years ahead, reinforcing our vision of the profession: to be, and remain, “the true artisans of beauty.”

        Export of the Beauté & Vie concept
        Malaysia, Morocco, Thailand, Syria, Tunisia: so many new partners won over by the Beauté & Vie concept.
        Nadine Salembier Diffusion Ltd opens new premises 
        Spacious, modern offices located in Comines, in the same building as the “Beauté & Vie - Comines” salon. 
        A clear signal for all staff: the beauty salon is at the core of our business.
        Creation of the concept of the “Beauté & Vie” salon
        Drawing on her experience gained in Belgium and abroad, Nadine Salembier starts developing her own beauty salon concept. The basics are simple:
        1. Quality products and treatments
        2. Hands-on care 
        3. Treatments blending beauty and relaxation 
        4. Visible results from the very first session 
        The menu of treatments expands 
        Nadine Salembier receives training in other care techniques in Asia and Canada. She returns from Japan with the Semi-Permanent Make-up technique, hitherto unknown in Europe. She offers this revolutionary technique exclusively to her many customers. 

        Nadine Salembier treatments exported
        Switzerland, Hong Kong and Canada become the company’s first three export customers. Nadine Salembier provides personally training for all her new colleagues. 
        Third beauty salon opens
        Nadine Salembier decides to take the next step and open an outlet in Brussels in the chic “Louise” district, alongside luxury boutiques and upmarket hotels.
        Range of cosmetic products developed    
        This range of products is used exclusively in Nadine Salembier centres. Inspired by Nature, the power of plants is put to work treating everyday skin problems

        Second beauty salon opens 
        The response is so great that Nadine Salembier opens a second beauty salon in Mouscron, Belgium. The first hydrotherapy treatments are now added to the menu. A revolution at the time, a number of “For Him” treatments appear. 
        First beauty salon opens
        During her 5 years spent working as a nurse in Central Africa, Nadine Salembier develops a passion for caring for people – and more particularly for beauty treatments. 
        Eager to make a living from her passion, she opens her first beauty salon in Comines-Warneton, not far from the border with France and Flanders. The treatments most in demand at this stage are limited to waxing, hand and foot care and facials. 
        Nadine Salembier is born in Comines-Warneton, a town bordering France.    
        A shepherd’s daughter, Nadine works on the family farm until age 18, where she develops her total dedication to animal welfare.