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Shower Care - Face & Body
21.00 € Starting from 21.00 € 21.0 EUR
Cleansing gel with blue and green algae. For face & Body.
DUO Shower Care + Strength Shampoo
43.50 € Starting from 43.50 € 43.5 EUR
A New DUO including Shower Care with blue and green algae + Strength & Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo
Strength & Anti Hair Loss Shampoo
22.50 € Starting from 22.50 € 22.5 EUR
Suited for all hair types
With bioactive proteins and provitamin B5
Sea Mud Body Scrub
19.00 € Starting from 19.00 € 19.0 EUR
100% Natural, Sea Mud Body Scrub is composed of clay and alluvium deposits from beneath the sea-bed. Micro-particles of seaweed are added to impart scrubbing qualities that soften the skin by eliminating impurities and dead cells. This indispensible care before any body-treatment facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the products, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.
Seaweed Bath Salt
24.00 € Starting from 24.00 € 24.0 EUR
Discover the pleasure of “sea” water in your bathroom: let your senses escape and after reclining in your bath a few moments, you will find yourself feeling calmed, relaxed, resourced.
The almost transparent crystals are voluptuously perfumed.
Seaweed Bath Cream
26.00 € Starting from 26.00 € 26.0 EUR
Remineralising - Draining - Stimulating - Thanks to its ideal dosage of liquid seaweed extracts, oligo-elements and essential minerals, Seaweed Bath Cream offers the organism the elements it needs to relax and renew its resources.
Silk Body Scrub
26.00 € Starting from 26.00 € 26.0 EUR
Oily and unctuous, this 99,9% organic wax contains marine salt crystals.The skin becomes smooth, purified and oxygenated. When in contact with water, the unique and original wax texture will transform into creamy milk, easily rinsed off.
Exfoliating Soap with seaweed
16.00 € Starting from 16.00 € 16.0 EUR
The original and efficient nature of the Exfoliating Soap brings the softness and the efficiency of a classic soap, while gently scrubbing the skin.
When in contact with water, this soap will feel slightly 'rough' Do not be alarmed, the reason for this, is to allow the exfoliation' and toning of the epidermis, washing away impurities, as well as stimulating the blood circulation, regenerating cellular renewal.