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Nadine Salembier, my beauty routine

All our products are tested for several months in our salons. Our beautician's expertise allows us to improve their textures, simplify their use, choose the ideal packaging and above all to provide immediate and visible skin results.We have developed more than 50 beauty solutions for you to use at home.
Each reference is exactly the same as the references used in the beauty salons, offering you professionnal results.
Nadine Salembier is "inspired by Nature" but also and especially by the extraordinary power of plants and natural ingredients in our formulations.

Routine beauté à domicile
Composition de nos routines beauté

Standard composition of Nadine Salembier's skincare range​

- 95% of the product ingredients are natural (of which 5% is derived from the biological agriculture)
- 5% of the ingredients are synthetic :  
            - Emulsifier, antioxydants (...) 4.5% 
            - Conservative 0.5%