Localised SOS treatment
    Fight against skin irritation and imperfection.

    Active principles: Cosmetic urea, Hyaluronic acid, Borage, Tamanu, Aloe Vera & Musk Rose.

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                              Cours de Maquillage à Comines et Bruxellesd

                              Masterclass Make Up | By group of max. 6 personnes.
                              With the advice of our professional make-up expert, learn how to sublime your face by mastering a wide range of professional techniques. 

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                              Correcteur pour lutter contre les taches pigmentaires

                              Whitening Spot Corrector | against localised pigmentation spots.
                              Restorative treatment against localised pigmentation spots, it lightens pigmentation spots, slows down the formation and accumulation of melanin. 
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                              Cernes, poches et gonflements sous les yeux

                              New blog article |   Shadows, bags and swelling under the eyes.
                              This area of the face has extremely fine, fragile skin. We help you understand why they appear, and our solutions at home and in our beauty salons to get rid of them.
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                              The beauty salon, my Love Story...
                              Softness, luxury, refinement, colour harmony, the magic of smell, we thought of everything, especially to you!

                              Nadine Salembier  - founder  

                              A ROYAL MISSION

                              This is a major event for our company — which will moreover be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. What a wonderful coincidence! Much more than an acknowledgement, it provides us with a blueprint for the years ahead that supports our vision of the industry: to be and remain “Beauty's Craftsmen”.

                              BEAUTY CRAFTSMANSHIP

                               At Nadine Salembier, we are far removed from the concerns that preoccupy the large groups in our industry. On the contrary, our aim is to provide a professional service and quality products  outside the scope of industry that rely on an acknowledged and unique knowhow. 

                              Nadine Salembier - Brussels Institut de beauté à Bruxelles - quartier Louise
                              On the most prestigious Boulevard of Brussels, the beauty salon welcomes you between the luxurious fashion boutiques. A unique occasion to combine shopping and relaxation in the capital of Europe.

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                              Nadine Salembier - CominesInstitut de beauté à Comines en Belgique
                               Located in Wallonia, Comines is the craddle of the Nadine Salembier brand. It is where the beauty concept "Beauté & Vie" has evolved over the years. The flagship salon is a stone's throw from the French border.

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