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Duration: 0H45
Hygienic and speedy waxing.

Our hot wax is made with resin. Once smelt, the resin is applied on the skin with a spatula. Once dry, the wax is removed suddenly and the hair is uprooted.
All premium waxes are of course disposable. Every treatment is followed with the application calendula (healing and anti-inflammatory effect) and lavender (disinfect and sooth) essential oils.

Duration of treatment: 0H45
Waxing removes the hair and the root.

Results: you can relax for a minimum 3 weeks! The new hair will grow back softer, finer, and become, with more wax treatments, easier to remove.
Everything is planned to transform your hair removal into a special experience. Guests have a multitude of little touches to enjoy such as:
  • Massage mattress
  • Anti-fatigue glasses
  • Disposable pants for the treatment
  • The use of oils of lavender and calendula. These are applied as smoothing and have excellent properties adapted to post-waxing care. 
    Lavender is an essential oil with disinfectant and calming properties. Anti-inflammatory, it soothes feelings of tightness and leaves skin soft and silky. 
    Calendula, meanwhile, is a healing, anti-inflammatory herb that helps reduce any redness.