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Semi-permanent make-up from A to Z

There is such a thing as make-up that stays put!  This is make-up that is resistant and durable. In the pool, on holiday, in the shower, wind and rain.

Larger-than-life, we simply call it semi-permanent make-up. A water-resistant eyeliner, perfectly contoured lips from morning to evening, a beauty spot on a hollow neck.  It's not all tricks and cunning - it's simply a seductive look for fabulous women!

Why "semi-permanent" ?

Semi-permanent make-up is often associated with tattoos, but it is not the same thing! It is only the surface of the skin that is treated by implanting natural pigments. This pigmentation is not permanent, hence the name semi-permanent make-up.

The colour chosen gradually fades over a period of two to three years. Its impermanent aspect makes it possible to modify the design to suit the shape of the face that changes with age. Features gradually start to droop and the landscape changes: make-up at 30 is different at 35!

How is the treatment applied ?

  1. To avoid any risk of allergy to the pigments, a test is automatically performed.
  2. An analysis of the shape of the face is then made.
    This analysis reveals the changes that will be most beneficial for your particular face. The temporary lines are sketched using a pencil; they can then be corrected or redrawn until the best result is obtained. This stage of the process is done together and takes time, as very close attention is required in order to obtain the best results.
  3. Once this exchange of ideas is over, the pigmentation stage (micro-implantation of coloured pigments) can start.
  4. And finally an aerosol spray of oxygen is applied to the areas treated as well as a soothing and healing product.

The colour of the implanted pigments will appear to be more intense immediately after the treatment than the final result. In fact, the pigments are rejected totally naturally by the skin as part of the skin renewal cycle. After 3 4 days you will see the definitive result.

However, you should allow for a retouch (included in the price of the treatment), which should be carried out within the following two weeks.

Which color should I choose ?

The colour is chosen depending on the complexion of the skin and its variations. It is also defined according to the colour of the hair so that a result is achieved that is both transparent and more authentic than nature.

When is it appropriate to have a semi-permanent make-up treatment?

semi-permanent make-up before and afterEyebrowns

- Thin or non-existent eyebrows (shading and recreating hairs one at a time)          

- Strengthening eyebrows that are too light

- Balancing eyebrows that are too asymmetric

- Extending eyebrows that are too short

- Neatening untidy eyebrows

- Absence of hair follicles in the eyebrows

Lips Contour

semi-permanent make-up before and after- Lip outline that is pale and that disappears with age

- To plump up lips (or reduce them depending on which is necessary)

- Balancing asymmetric lips

- Lip reconstruction

- Voilage or shading

- Lip commissures

Eyelids (eye liner for upper or lower lid) ​

- Eyelash densification (one hair at a time) to compensate for the ageing of eyelids

semi-permanent make-up before and after- Mask the lack of eyelashes

​Other cases

- Beauty spots or freckles

- Camouflage for scars and skin blemishes                                  

- Very light hair

- Reconstruction of mammary areola after surgery

Who is semi-permanent make-up suitable for ?​

- Busy women who want to combine time saving, comfort and simplicity

- Sporting women who want to add a touch of femininity

- Anyone who wears lenses or has problems with their sight

- Women who have had an accident, an operation, a burn, or who have a scar

- For oily skins to avoid any make-up disorder

- For people suffering from skin allergy due to some cosmetics

- For those with asymetric face shape

Are there any risks or side-effects?

There is no risk of allergies. If in doubt, a test can be carried out.
The small device has a sterile needle, for one-time use only, for implanting the pigments. The composition of this (available on request) meets European norms and is hypo-allergenic.
A little redness may appear just after the treatment, but this will disappear speedily under the healing and soothing effect of the product applied just after pigmentation.

Are there any precautions that need to be take?

A few measures of precaution should be taken:

- It is medically recommended that anyone who is susceptible to herpes should take a preventive treatment as advised by the doctor two weeks in advance

- Direct sun exposure and steam bath must be avoided during the following 5 days

- A healing cream will be provided. This cream must be applied at night for the following 3 days

- You can apply makeup the day after the pigment implantation

- Do not scratch the area that has been treated


All year long!

Price ?

  • Beauty spot = 60€
  • Breast nipple reconstruction = 280€
  • Eye-liner (lower OR upper) = 240€
  • Eye-liner (lower AND upper) = 400€
  • Eyebrows = 370€
  • Lips Contour = 370€
  • 3 areas package (including eyebrows + Eye-liner lower OR upper + Lips contour) = value: 825€


For any other request, the price will be given on demand depending on the work to be done.

What about the correction?

All Semi-Permanent Make-Up performed in "Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier" include a free correction, to be realised before 15 days after the first implantation.

No correction will be allowed after 15 days without any specific authorisation from the management. After this period of 15 days, the colors will lighten and the shape might disappear. Moreover, if the appointment is cancelled without of 24 hours prior notice, we will remove your right to a free correction. Thank you for your kind understanding.

We would like to inform our customers that have decided to have a light implantation that the color may not maintened for 2 years.

The correction price will depend on the make-up and also on the time since the first implantation.

(lower OR upper)

lower ANDupper)

Lips & Eyebrows

1 month > 15€1 month > 15€1 month > 15€

3 months > 55€

3 months > 90€

3 months > 55€

6 months > 60€

6 months > 100€

6 months > 95€

12 months > 120€

12 months > 200€

12 months > 185€

18 months > 180€

18 months > 300€

18 months > 275€

24 months > 240€

24 months > 400€

24 months > 370€

Cecile, Semi-Permanent Make-up expert at "Beauté & Vie - Nadine Salembier"

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