Nadine Salembier, founder | Nadine Salembier

Nadine Salembier, founder

Nadine Salembier fondatrice de Beauté & Vie

Nadine Salembier, it's above all, THE professional of the beauty salon

A dynamic woman, Nadine Salembier devotes the best part of her life magnifying women's and men's beauty.With a strong feeling of perfection, sophisticated and ambitious woman, she dedicates all her energy to the creation of beauty products in the front line of research and innovation.

Trained as an aesthetician, she started her career in the early 60's. From her numerous trips around the globe, she brought back the ingredients that were to make her famous. With prominent cosmetologists and scientists, she created a range of natural beauty products under her own name.

For thousands of women, the name of Nadine Salembier is closely related to the quest for beauty and perfection. Nadine Salembier was a pioneer of modern aesthetic.

N for Nature, S for Serenity : it is the complete harmony of the body and its environment!

She opened her first beauty salon at Comines, followed after a few years by a salon in the heart of Brussels.

The salon concept is about Beauty and Life : the music, sound of water, the harmony of colours and the magic of fragrances will offer you a unique moment of delight and relaxation.