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MyNS loyalty program

Programme de fidélité Nadine Salembier

Every order is now rewarded

Find out more about the 2 status accessible for all of you thanks to the new MyNS loyalty program:

MyNS SILVER Nadine Salembier SILVER

You automatically become NS Silver
after opening a MyNS account.

  Your advantages?

  • You cumulate loyalt points with every purchase
  • You receive exclusive offers all year long
  • You pay you order (products/treatments/gifts) using your loyalty points : 1 point = 1 €

  How to cumulate point ?

  Every purchase will give you points

  Points fidélité Nadine Salembier This icon will show you how much points you will receive by purchasing the specific item.

  Your points will be automatically added to your MyNS account. You can consult your balance
  at any time, in your private area MyNS / Loyalty Program.

  How to use my points?

In you card, we will ask if you would like to use your fidelity points to pay your order.

1 point = 1 € discount

  The points are valid for 12 months.

MyNS GOLD Nadine Salembier GOLD

You become NS Gold
after crediting your e-wallet.

  What is a "e-wallet" ?

  An e-wallet is a virtual account on your MyNS private area where you can add money
  whenever your need or want.

  You active your Gold account by adding a minimum amount of 500€ on your e-wallet.

  Your advantages?

  • You benefit from a direct 10% discount on every order.
  • You pay all your order (products / treatments / gifts) using your e-wallet. No need for cash or credit card.
  • You can consult your e-wallet balance on your private are MyNS.

How to change my member status?

You can change your status in your private area "MyNS / Loyalty program"

1. You are Silver and would like to become Gold?

You will need to add a first amount of 500€ on your e-wallet. You loyalty points will be transfered into cash on your e-wallet.

2. You are Gold and would like to become Silver?

  In 2 clicks, the change will be done. The amount remained your e-wallet will be automatically transfered into loyalt points. Your 10% discount will not be activated anymore.

General sales conditions about the MyNS loyalty program

1. The company Nadine Salembier Diffusion SA establishes its relationship with its customers as follow:

  • If you are not a salon nor online customer, you are a subscriber to our newsletter.
  • You are a salon customer but do not wish to be registered in our database.
  • You created a personne account on, you are identified as customer (salon/online), you have immediat access to the loyalty program.
  • As owner of a MyNS account, your status is "Silver" (Argent) or "Gold" (Or). Silver status allows you to cumulate and exchange loyalty points. Gold statuts allows you to credit your e-wallet and to benefit from different advantages from this status.

2. What is a "Loyalty Point'' (Silver)

Upon each purchase, either online or in a salon "Beauté & Vie - Nadine Salembier" (Comines and Brussels), you will earn points. The amount is indicated on the website.

Loyalty points are automatically offered on your account after the transaction is finalised and saved on your account (salon and online). Points are transformed into cash and can be use to pay some purchases under certain conditions.

3. Conditions to cumulate and use the "Loyalty Points" (Silver)

Silver status is automatically activated when creating a MyNS account.

3.1. Points can be cumulated. You can therefore choose to use or not your loyalty points.

3.2. After using a certain amount of the points, the remained points will be kept.

3.3. You account's balance can be consulted whenever you want on your MyNS account. The balance is updated instantly after each transaction (salon and online).

3.4. Loyalty points are valid for 12 months. In case of inactivity (no visit in salon nor any order online) for 12 months, your points will be lost. 

3.5. Points cannot be used to pay delivery fees.

3.6. When paying your order using loyalty points, you will not gain any more points on this transaction. (non-cumulating advantage).

3.7 When purchasing using a promotional code, loyalty points are not credited to your account (non-cumulative offer).

3.8 When purchasing at discounted price, loyalty points are not credited to your account (non-cumulative offer).

4. What is an "e-wallet" (Gold)

4.1. An "e-wallet" is a virtual account available in your personnal account MyNS. Gold status is linked to the activation of the E-wallet. The activation will be made once a first payment of 500€ (by credit card, bancontact, cash in salon, etc) will be made. The advantage of 10% is directly available for all your purchases (products/treatments/gifts). 

4.2. The 500€ amount is the minimum amount to be added on your e-wallet and to active the Gold status. You can add as many times as you wish.

4.3. To keep your Gold status (and to enjoy a direct 10% discount), your account my have a balance equal or superior to 500€ at least once a year before the anniversary of the first payment. If you account has not been used for at least 12 months, the balance will be transformed into loyalty points.

4.4 Promotional code are valid for Gold member (non-cumulative offer).