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Legal statements

Information on the developer

The limited company Nadine Salembier Diffusion (called the "developer") is the company that developed this website. Its registered office is located at Rue de Wervicq, 18, B-7780 Comines. Legal representative : Luc DEWEER. Its business license was delivered at Tournai under the number BE 0413.692.726.

Brands and logos

The brand "Nadine Salembier", "Beauté et Vie - Nadine Salembier" and trademark "Ultimarine" including the logos shown on the site are registered trademarks, protected as such by industrial copyright. Use of these trademarks and logos is prohibited except by explicit and prior permission from their owners. Any unauthorised use of a protected trademark or logo constitutes a counterfeiting office and may be prosecuted before the judicial authorities.

Intellectual copyright

This website and its entire contents, including text, fixed and animated images, databases, programmes, scripts, etc. called the website hereafter, are the property of Nadine Salembier Diffusion SA. Pursuant to the copyright regulations, any reproduction (including downloading, printing, etc.), representation, adjustment, translation, transformation and/or transfer to another website of one or more of the aforementioned elements is prohibited without prior and written authorisation from the developer. All unauthorised use of this content constitutes a counterfeiting breach and may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution and the payment of damages and interests. The developer solely grants authorisation to view its content for personal or private purposes or for professional use, with the exclusion of any public visualisation or diffusion. Permission to reproduce shall only be granted in the digital form on your computer for consultation, in order to view the pages opened by your internet browser. Printing on paper is authorised for a private copy for the exclusive use of the copyist.


​With the exception of the case in that the site should link or distribute information and/or content of an illegal or pronographic nature, it is possible to create a link to any site via the developer's site (home page or internal page) under condition of informing the developer in advance by means of an email sent to the webmaster. Hyperlinks included on the site may link to other external websites. Visiting these websites shall be under your own liability. The developer rejects all responsibility with regard to making these hyperlinks available to you or the content of those websites. You may not in any event invoke the responsibility of the developer for direct or indirect damages suffered as a result of using a third party website accessible from the developer's website. Any broken link or any links to websites with illegal or pornographic content may be reported to the webmaster. All other use not explicity stipulated in the present document is not permitted and requires the explicit prior written agreement from the developer.


Non-personal information may be collected automatically by the developer during browsing on the website by means of cookies. The cookies are text files used by a website to recognise a user and to facilitate and personalise their use of the website. Cookies are not applications, they may not under any circumstances disrupt or damage the system of the Internet users, nor destroy files or change applications. They are used, specifically to obtain information relating to the pages consulted and the dates and times these were consulted. The developer does not check the use made of cookies produced by third parties, for example by advertisers, or those resulting from the use of a part of the site accommodated with third parties. You may protect yourself from the use of cookies at any time using the settings on your internet browser. In any event it should be remembered that certain functions on the website require the use of cookies (personalisation, alert, etc.).


You accept that the website of the developer may display certain errors as regards its content. The developer may not be held liable due to direct or indirect, incidental or accessory damage resulting from the use of the website or any information obtained on the website. The developer may not be held liable if the ideas or images on the website offend certain particularly sensitive people. The website of the developer is available 24 hours a day. It may not be held liable due to a technical connection problem, whether this is due to force majeure, to maintenance acitivites, to an editorial update, to an internal or external strike, to a network breakdown or a power cut, to incorrect configuration or use of the user's computer or on any other grounds whether or not due to its own action. The date transfer rate and times from the server to the Internet network are not guarantted. The developer cannot guarantee that the server and the site are free from viruses. It cannot be held liable in the event of the infection of your IT equipment by a virus.


This website was created in Belgium. By using this website, you accept the conditions of use stipulated above, without prejudice to any contractual recourse or tort that may be exercised by the developer. Any disputes relating to the interpretation or execution of an intented contractual undertaking of this site shall be subject to the exclusive competence of the Belgian courts and subject to Belgian law. Any reproduction of this website or elements therein is strictly prohibited.


The developer reserves the right to restrict or remove access to its services requiring an identifier in the event of non-compliance of these general conditions or in the event of complaints made in their regard. It reserves the right to remove access to its website for users who:

- distribute advertising or promotional messages on the website contrary to public order or good morals, violent, racist, revisionist, justifying war crimes, offensive or abusive, in breach of copyright or related rights, to rights applicable to databases, trademark rights, image rights, privacy laws or which are in breach of any other legislative or regulatory stipulation in force.

- generates an overload on the server, notably by using the website to send unsolicited advertising. The invalidity of one or more of the clauses stipulated in these general conditions for use, pronounced by court ruling shall not result in the invalidity of the other clauses.

Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

These conditions of use are subject to Belgian law. Any difficulties relating to the interpretation of execution thereof remains exclusively subject to the competent Belgian courts.