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Inspired by nature

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Your skin is naturally thirsty

Nadine Salembier is "Inspired by Nature" but also and especially by the extraordinary power of plants and natural ingredients in our formulations!

95% of the product ingredients are natural (of which 5% is derived from the biological agriculture) while all Essential Oils are 100% natural.

We love and respect the Nature

100% sustainable

Plastic packaging are designed to be 100% recyclable (100% polyolefin). They do not contain metal, glass and non-recyclable plastics). The bottle itself contains up to 85% of recycled material.

100% eco-conception

The weight of each pieces has been optimized, the material are standard, the different suppliers have been selected within a 200km radius from the production area in order to reduce the transportation. Thanks to its pump conceived from only 4 pieces, the system reduces the C02 emission by 30%.

Protection of the formula thanks to the "airless" system

The "Airless" technology using "bag" is perfectly suitable for sensitive formulas using a few or no conservative at all. The material (EVOH) to produce the inside bag offer barrier properties that increase the product shelf-life. This technlogy is a true protecting shield for sensitive formulas: before and after using the product, the formula will not be in direct contact with air, the creams are totally protected from outside pollutants.