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Company profil - Nadine Salembier

A unique know-how

Nadine Salembier has created a range of beauty methods and techniques for the face, the bust, the body or for sliming using natural and effective products and respecting the specific characteristics of all of our clients.

Products Nadine SalembierA complete range of natural cosmetics

Our professionalism and our experience in beauty salon cares have resulted in an extensive range of beauty products for professionals and for the public. They have been adapted to meet the needs of men and women from all over the world for personal aesthetics. Unctuous creams, liquid and light lotions, fruit masks, a panoply of natural products to respond to a multitude of needs.

Nadine Salembier products have been marketing since more 30 years and are also available under «  private label », either in bulk or as finished products packed and wrapped under another brand name.

Third parties manufacturing

Our research and manufacturing laboratory has been working for several years with different companies who want to benefit from our experience in technical fine-tuning of treatments as well as new products. We are now able to respond to any type of request for designing a particular product or a specific formula.

Exclusive equipments

In order to retain the exclusive and original character, our company has created two pieces of unique hydrotherapy equipment:

Hydromassaging bath

5 pumps, 38 rotating injectors, abdomen massage, touch screen electronic commands, etc.

Hydrotonic shower

a wet' room including a pre-heated table that enables the application of different cares (seaweed wraps, marine peeling, underwater massage, etc.) and a special shower with orientated water jets to strategic parts of the body to promote optimal well-being.

Hydromassaging bath Nadine Salembier

Hydrotonic shower Nadine Salembier

A family company

The cosmetics sector and even more the beauty sector are very competitive. We have always and will always give a priority to "quality" rather than quantity. Our growth is assured not because of a will to achieve turnover or to meet a production target, but well because of the quality of our products and services. Our assets are our flexibility, our experience and the quality of our professional training courses during which we disseminate and share our expertise and our experience for 3 generations.