50 years in beauty | Nadine Salembier

50 years in beauty

50 years in beauty - Nadine Salembier


Launch of new e-shop platform

Grand opening of "Univers Balnéo" - private spa
inside "Beauté & Vie - Nadine Salembier" de Comines, in Comines-Warneton.

Whirlpool Universe Nadine Salembier Comines  Whirlpool Universe Hammam Nadine Salembier Comines  Whirlpool Universe Sauna Nadine Salembier Comines  Whirlpool Universe showers Nadine Salembier Comines  Whirlpool Universe Nadine Salembier Comines


Committed to its philosophy "Inspired by nature and science", Nadine Salembier attach a lot of important to work closely with doctors from all specialties, esthetic medicine beeing one of them.
The diagnosic and anti-ageing center that will open close from the beauty salon is the next step for an even closer relationship between medicine and beauty.

Fournisseur breveté de la Cour de Belgique


Nadine Salembier was granted Official Supplier to the Royal Court of Belgium


3 new partners:

  1. Romania
  2. Tunisia
  3. Taiwan

Nadine Salembier Iraq


Grand opening of Beauté & Vie - Bagdad in Iraq

2010Nadine Salembier Syrie

Grand opening of Beauté & Vie - Damascus in Syria


Beauté & Vie - Brussels is moving to a new place
53, Boulevard de Waterloo in 1000 Brussels, the most luxurious avenue of Belgium!

Nadine Salembier Brussels  Nadine Salembier Brussels  Nadine Salembier Brussels  Nadine Salembier Brussels​  Nadine Salembier Brussels


Launching of first e-shop


New expansion in Africa and Syria

Grand opening of "Beauty Plus" in Paris
using exclusively Nadine Salembier's cosmetics.

Nadine Salembier Thaïlande


Grand opening of Beauté & Vie - Bangkok in Thailand


Grand opening of Beauté & Vie - Casablanca in Morocco

Nadine Salembier cabine de soins Maroc  Nadine Salembier autre cabine de soins Maroc​  Nadine Salembier espace ongles Maroc  Nadine Salembier onglerie Maroc  Nadine Salembier présentoir Maroc​​

Nadine Salembier Malaisie


Grand opening of Beauté & Vie - Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia
S.A.R. Mathilde of Belgium made the honor to cut the ribbon


Renovation in "Beauté & Vie - Brussels"
This spa is considered as the one of the best in the country, where belgian and international customers come to be pampered


Nadine Salembier Diffusion ltd. move to its new headquarter
The headquarter located in Comines, hosts the pilot concept "Beauté & Vie", as well as the commercial and logistic department of the company.


«Beauté & Vie Nadine Salembier» beauty concept in now ready

Nadine Salembier Semi-Permanent Make-up1986

First in Europe: The company launches the techniques of "semi-permanent makeup".
This revolutionary method was born in Asia where Nadine Salembier was trained. In Europe much professional colleagues were initiated and educated by Nadine Salembier.

Salons professionnels Nadine Salembier


The range of products expands and interests the first overseas clients
Switzerland and Hong Kong are the two first overseas clients of the company.


Opening of a salon in the heart of the « fashion » district in the Belgian capital, Brussels


Birth of first «Nadine Salembier» products
The range of products is used exclusively in salons operated by the company. The products and cares provided by Nadine Salembier will then be marketed to professional salons in Belgium and France.

Nadine Salembier products 1972                                                                     Nadine Salembier products 2015


Grand opening of the first beauty salon in Comines (Belgium)
The popular treatments are limited to the waxing, pedicure, manucure and some face cares.

Nadine Salembier Comines  Nadine Salembier Comines  Nadine Salembier Comines  Nadine Salembier Comines  Nadine Salembier Comines  Nadine Salembier Comines​​