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Botanical Re-Balancing Water - Combined skins
13.00 € Starting from 13.00 € 13.0 EUR
Made of natural plants, Botanical Re-Balancing Water cleanses with an astonishing affinity to the skin, thanks to its perfect pH and bio-compatibility which makes it the ideal care for combined skins.
Strawberry Re-Balancing Mask - Combined skins
15.00 € Starting from 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Specifically designed for skins suffering from two particular problems: greasy skin on the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry skin on the rest of the face, Strawberry Re-balancing Mask regulates and harmonises the complexion.
Pfaffia Synergy Mask
18.00 € Starting from 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Beauty revealing Mask - All skin types.
Its silky and naturally perfumed texture provide immediate and visible effects to all skin types. Pfaffia Synergy Mask is a multi-actions care thanks to its richness and variety of active ingredients. The tired, sensitive, blurry or dull complexions will find the perfect beauty revealing mask.
Facial Exfoliating Balm
22.00 € Starting from 22.00 € 22.0 EUR
Dead cells on the epidermis are naturally removed every 28 days through sweat and sebum. Facial Exfoliating Balm will mechanically speed up this process. Freed from its impurities (dead cells, polutions,...) the skin is radiant, it breathes more easily, the active principles penetrate deeper into the skin for a sparkling effect.