The V.I.P. Cruise - Tailormade package 🎁

  • Beauty salon

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Treatment duration: 2H30
Select your own combination of treatments under a fixed price. A great gift idea!

Compose your treatment menu :
  1. L'apéro - Une mise en bouche succulente
    Bain hydromassant 
  2. L'entrée - Un commencement en douceur
    Cocon d'algues OU Peau Neuve (gommage corporel) 
  3. The main course - Depending on your tastes and desires of the moment
     Facial Treatment OR Body Relaxing Manual Massage OR Body Slimming Massage
  4. The dessert - Depending on your needs and desires
    Beauty of the hands OR Beauty of the feet OR Waxing (2 zones to choose from*)
  5. 2 Discovery products to prolong the sweetness of home care
(*) Waxing (2 zones) : lips - eyebrows - armpits - classic bikini - 1/2 legs. 
(**) The products are smaller than the regular size but larger than sample. They allow you to discover their specific characteristics for yourself. Your aesthetician offers 2 Discovery products tailored to your skin type in order to extend home care. 

 Treatment duration: 2H30
This treatment is complemented by a multitude of treatments:
  • Hot towels (neck and feet)
  • Hydration of arms and legs
  • Anti-ageing Gloves
  • Energizing oil for feet
  • Anti-fatigue glasses
  • Rotating and vibrating facial brush
  • HHP massaging mattress
  • Head massage
  • Phototherapy
  • Music adapted to the treatment
1. Select the treatment to offer
2. Click on "Buy"
3. Proceed with the purchasing process until arriving to the Extra Info step. 
4. Fill in the information to show on the gift certificate
5. Finalise the payment.

The lucky person who will receive the gift will have 6 months to benefict from it.