Self-Tanning Solution

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A manual method, ensuring a personalised, real, "larger than life" tan.

For superb self-tanning results, we have developed a treatment that firstly prepares and hydrates the skin and ensures consistency in the application of the product, for an even-looking finish.

This treatment takes place in 4 steps:
  1.  Hydromassage bath: Professional spa equipped with 38 air jets and swirling water. This bath will give you softer skin, which will be more receptive to scrubbing

     Manual exfoliation on a preheated table (commonly called "hydrotonic shower"), which is equipped with 86 multi lateral and dorsal jets. Areas such as knees, elbows and ankles where skin is thicker are especially targeted. Ideally, self-tanner must applied on a well moisturized skin. This is one important condition to have an homogeneous color and long lasting effect.
  3. Manual hydration as a geneal massage: for this treatment to be enjoyable and relaxing as well as ensuring a perfect hydration, we will proceed with a onctuous massage of all the treated areas. This step is important to ensure a smooth, silky and unified skin. This softening process will help to optimalise the coloration and avoid any unaesthetic spots.
  4. Manual application of the self-tanner: the skin is now prepared to receive the self-tanner.
- Possible touch-up within 24 hours included

Duration of treatment : 1H45