Eye-Liner (Lower And Upper)

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An eyeliner that is resistant to summer sun or laughter run-off? It is possible!

Semi-Permanent Makeup is practiced in the following cases:
• To highlight the eyes
• To densify cilia (hair by hair) to aged eyelids
• To overcome a lack of eyelashes
This is a valid treatment for men and women

The Semi-Permanent Makeup takes place in several stages:  
  1.  An allergy test
    In case of doubt, an allergy test is performed.
  2. Morphological study of the face
      order to best define and adapt the design, corrections and modifications will be proposed using a special pencil. This joint work deserves a great deal of attention. Therefore, the necessary time will be devoted to it.
  3. Pigmentation work (micro-pigmentation of colored pigments)
  4. Color fixation with oxygen flavored with essential oils
    Oxygen has the particularity of being antiseptic, just like the aromas of essential oils. It also brings an invigorating effect that makes colors more sparkling. Its tonic and antiseptic effect facilitates and stabilizes the holding of pigments.
Duration of treatment : 1H30
  1. You can apply makeup the day after the pigment implantation
  2. A healing cream will be provided. This cream must be applied at night for the following 3 days
  3. Direct sun exposure and steam bath must be avoided during the following 5 days
  4. A free correction can be performed within the next 15 days. The correction cannot be performed after the deadline as the color and drawing must vanish.
The correction price
 will depend on the make-up and also on the time since the first implantation:
  • 1 month = 15€
  • 3 months = 90€
  • 6 months = 100€
  • 12 months = 200€
  • 18 months = 300€
  • 24 months = 400€
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