Essential Anti-Ageing

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Treatment duration: 1H45
Regenarating and plumping treatment of the face. Lifting, toning and ant-wrinkle.

You will receive:
  1. Personalised analysis of the condition and type of your skin. 
  2. Application of a peel suited to your skin type
  3. Extraction of blackheads
  4. Hydration of arms and legs
  5. Eyebrows and upper lip 
  6. Facial Massage (using a combination of products tailored to the needs of your skin) 
  7. Application a mask adapted to skin type 
  8. Reconditioning face
  9. Re-powdering 

Treatment duration : 1H30
This massage is complemented by a multitude of treatments:
  • Hot towels (neck and feet)
  • Hydration of arms and legs
  • Anti-aging Gloves
  • Energizing oil for feet
  • Anti-fatigue glasses
  • Rotating and vibrating facial brush
  • HHP massaging mattress
  • Head massage
  • Oxygen therapy (only in Brussels)
  • Phototherapy
  • Music adapted to the treatment