Emotional Wellness Wrap

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This innovative and exclusive treatment immerses you in a cocoon of wellness, with pleasure for the senses, the face and body.
Duration: 2H00

This package is divided into 5 steps:
  1. Hydromassage bath in warm milk.
    Immersed in a warm milk bath, with 38 hydromassage jets.e.
  2. Face mask with fruit acids
    Immersed in a warm milk bath, with 38 hydromassage jets.
  3. Smoothing manual facial drainage.
    At the same time, the face is prepared with the application of a creamy mask based on fruit acids.On a heated mattress in a cozy cocoon bathed in light (light therapy) with the atmosphere enriched with oxygen, tensions are released with the smoothing manual facial drainage.
    The eye area is refreshed by gently compressed shea butter, daisy and green tea, as well as by relaxing movements of the vibrating mask.
  4. Body sculpting
    A light mask is then applied provide brightness and tone the skin.
  5. Wrap with hot towels lightly scented with eucalyptus.
Duration of treatment : 2H00
This massage is complemented by a multitude of treatments:
  • Hot towels (neck and feet)
  • Hydration of arms and legs
  • Anti-ageing Gloves
  • Energizing oil for feet
  • Anti-fatigue glasses
  • Rotating and vibrating facial brush
  • HHP massaging mattress
  • Head massage
  • Oxygen therapy (only in Brussels)
  • Phototherapy
  • Music adapted to the treatment

You have now the choice between 3 products to ensure the utmost relaxing massage:
        • The timeless Vegetal Oil
        • The richness of a warm Shea Butter
        • The lightness of an Emulsion