Whirlpool Universe (6 persons)

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    Add 30 minutes of happiness to the 2hours initially planned to enjoy Whirlpool Universe.

    Ajoutez 30 minutes (au prix de 25,00€) à votre réservation de 2 heures ici.

    Également à votre disposition:
    • Free access to pre-listed facilities
    • Drinks (water, coffee, tea). Other drinks on request when booking by phone (surcharge applies).
    • Bathrobes and towels
    • Scrubbing gloves
    • Iced towels
    • Cosmetics (Cleansing Milk, Invigorating Shower Gel with seaweed, Gentle Exfoliating Fluid and sea salt crystals)
    • Disposable underwear, hair protection cap and hair dryer
    • Personalized Music via "playlist" existing or via smartphone / tablet