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9 Plants Rich Cream
20.00 € Starting from 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
9 Plants Rich Cream contains Shea Butter, harvested the artisanal way, and rich in fatty acids, vitamins and unsaponifiable. It provides great beauty properties: nourishing, hydrating and preventing the evaporation of water tom the epidermis. Its covering texture do not let any oily layer on the skin, facilitating the makeup application.
Vegetal Treasure - Face & Body
99.00 € Starting from 99.00 € 99.0 EUR
Your natural cure for face & body
Protect and nourish your skin in-depth.

Pfaffia Hydra Repair Balm
18.00 € Starting from 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Protection care - Dry and sensitive skins.
Its main active principle, extracted from the pfaffia root, is reinforced by probiotics, helping the production of "good" bacterias, essential to the wellbeing of the cutaneous flora.
The epidermis is well protected, the cells will regenerate faster.
Pfaffia Revitalising Fluid - Night treatment
18.00 € Starting from 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
Firming and regenerating effect. The lightness of Pfaffia Revitalising Fluid ensures almost instantaneous penetration. Thanks to ingredients renowned for their tightening and regenerating effects – in particular Pfaffia Paniculata – you find your skin brighter and more supple when you wake up.
Botanical Soothing Water - Dry & sensitive skins
15.00 € Starting from 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Made of natural plants, Botanical Soothing Water cleanses with an astonishing affinity to the skin, thanks to its perfect pH and bio-compatibility which makes it the ideal care for dry and sensitive skins.
Moisture Rich Body Emulsion - Very dry and sensitive skins
22.00 € Starting from 22.00 € 22.0 EUR
With Shea Butter
Rich in traditional shea butter which the harvest and extraction have been handled by rural women from North Benin, this Moisture Rich Body Emulsion is a treasure for the skin.