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Duo Slimming Set
36.00 € Starting from 36.00 € 36.0 EUR
Extra Firming Body Concentrate: Tonifying and slimming the silhouette, the concentrate penetrates in depth.
Reshaping Body Gel: Formulation enriched with 12 natural plants extracts
Sea Mud Body Scrub
19.00 € Starting from 19.00 € 19.0 EUR
100% Natural, Sea Mud Body Scrub is composed of clay and alluvium deposits from beneath the sea-bed. Micro-particles of seaweed are added to impart scrubbing qualities that soften the skin by eliminating impurities and dead cells. This indispensible care before any body-treatment facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the products, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.
Extra Firming Body Concentrate
18.00 € Starting from 18.00 € 18.0 EUR
With Essential Oils - Toning - Refining - Anti-cellulite
True concentrated cocktail of active aromatic ingredients which spread easily throughout the skin. Its toning, firming and astringent actions combat loosening of the cutaneous tissue and minimises dimpling of the skin.
Essential Ultimaroma N°6 - Body Contouring
23.00 € Starting from 23.00 € 23.0 EUR
The oil Essential Ultimaroma N°6 is said to be “ready to use” because it is obtained from a mixture of essential oils and vegetal oils specifically selected for their firming and nourishing properties.
Reshaping Body Gel
20.00 € Starting from 20.00 € 20.0 EUR
Ultra Firmness - with 12 natural plant extracts
Thanks to its concentrated formula which is rich in 12 natural plant extracts, Reshaping Body Gel acts in depth to produce visible results on the surface.
Your skin becomes firmer, dimples get smoothed over and the orange-peel effect disappears.
Your skin feels – and can be seen to be – better!
Cryogel - Body sculpt & legs comfort
19.00 € Starting from 19.00 € 19.0 EUR
The beauty and slimming virtues of cold are abundant.