Anti Puffiness & Dark Circle Cream
24.00 € Starting from 24.00 € 24.0 EUR
Whitening Spot Corrector
35.00 € Starting from 35.00 € 35.0 EUR
Local pigmentation
Whitening Spot Corrector presents in the form of a roll-on that enables its application to be targeted at specific areas of the face and at any time of the day.
Beauty set - My Beauty Essentials
64.80 € Starting from 64.80 € 64.8 EUR
In beauty, consistency pays. Rather than using a different product every day, it is highly advisable to find your own and personalized beauty routine. At most, we suggest you adjust your routine at the start of each season.
Silk Body Scrub
28.00 € Starting from 28.00 € 28.0 EUR
Exfoliating Wax, Oily and unctuous, this scrub which is 99,99% organic contains marine salt crystals.The skin becomes smooth, purified and oxygenated. When in contact with water, the unique and original wax texture will transform into creamy milk.
Beauty set - Oily skins
68.40 € Starting from 68.40 € 68.4 EUR
An oily skin produces too much sebum. This has visible consequences on the skin: blackheads, shinny complexion, thicker skin texture, dilated pores, and sometimes pimples. This can be the result of hormonal changes, or just due to a poor eating habits. The complexion is dull and blurred, visibly oily. Results: the complexion becomes clear and fresh. Pores are tightened, the skin is less shinny.
Beauty set - Before and After-Sun
82.80 € Starting from 82.80 € 82.8 EUR
Take the right actions before, during and after sun exposure. Protect your skin health capital as soon as exposed to the sun: at sea, in the mountains, under the tropics. Always use a high protection and renew the process as often as possible. A high protection is also suggested at the beginning of the holidays, no matter the level of sunshine.
Beauty set - Pfaffia
76.50 € Starting from 76.50 € 76.5 EUR
A devitalised skin lost its tonicity, visibly blurred, tired and the cell regeneration is reduced. The complexion is dull and/or grayish, pores are visible. Pfaffia is a natural plant with exceptional virtues. Powerful cell regenerating, it nourishes and hydrates in depth. The skin is more toned and radiant. The natural hydrolipidic film is rebuilt, the tissues regenerate faster. Multi action, Pfaffia is suitable for all skin types.
DUO Set - Vityal
37.00 € Starting from 37.00 € 37.0 EUR
Anti-Ageing - Plumping - Regenerating
Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally present in our body. Its role is to maintain the skin as moisturised as possible by capturing water and storing it in the lower layers of the skin.
Duo Set - Vibrating Brush & Soft Cleanser
32.00 € Starting from 32.00 € 32.0 EUR
The combination of the brush and the cleanser will purify and tighten the skin pores. The production of sebum will be normalised and controled.
The face massage will improve the blood circulation and reinforce the skin vitality.
Portable sprayer Nano-ION
27.00 € Starting from 27.00 € 27.0 EUR
This high-frequency steamer enhance the absorption of the skin for exterior nutrition and skin essence.
Pack "Brumisateur + Lotion Florale Tonique"
37.50 € Starting from 37.50 € 37.5 EUR
Louise - Home Fragrance
25.00 € Starting from 25.00 € 25.0 EUR
This home fragrance will bring a unique atmosphere to your home. It takes you on the voyage to the eastern world.