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Beauty of the hands - varnish/polish included 🎁
40.00 € Starting from 40.00 € 40.0 EUR
Treatment duration: 0H45
Your hands are your business card!
4-Hands Massage 🎁
95.00 € Starting from 95.00 € 95.0 EUR
Treatment duration: 0H45
2 masseuses, 4 hands: Twice the relaxation!
"Cleansing wipes + Essential Cleansing Milk" Set
28.00 € Starting from 28.00 € 28.0 EUR
Pfaffia Nutrition🎁
75.00 € Starting from 75.00 € 75.0 EUR
Treatment duration: 1H30
Pfaffia Facial Nutrition has become in recent years, the number 1 "wrinkle prevention" treatment for thousands of our clients.
Retreat 🎁
130.00 € Starting from 130.00 € 130.0 EUR
Treatment duration: 2H00
Indulge in a well-deserved break!
Business Woman Package 🎁
160.00 € Starting from 160.00 € 160.0 EUR
Treatment duration: 2H30
Pamper yourself and forget the stresses of flying between work life and home life.
Beauté & Vie Odyssey 🎁
220.00 € Starting from 220.00 € 220.0 EUR
Treatment duration: 3H30
Three hours of complete happiness! Half a day just for you!
Louise - Home Fragrance
25.00 € Starting from 25.00 € 25.0 EUR
This home fragrance will bring a unique atmosphere to your home. It takes you on the voyage to the eastern world.
Exfoliating Soap with seaweed
15.00 € Starting from 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
The original and efficient nature of the Exfoliating Soap brings the softness and the efficiency of a classic soap, while gently scrubbing the skin.
When in contact with water, this soap will feel slightly 'rough' Do not be alarmed, the reason for this, is to allow the exfoliation' and toning of the epidermis, washing away impurities, as well as stimulating the blood circulation, regenerating cellular renewal.