Slimming Course

Slimming Course

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Slimming and firming: Combined with a Hydromassage bath, this treatment helps to tone and slim the figure in general or targeted (arms, legs, thighs, ...) places, thanks to specific massage techniques.

    Some techniques on the market offer massages using machines and sophisticated equipment. We feel that nothing can replace the hands of a professional. Massage techniques developed by Nadine Salembier have proven to delight our thousands of clients.

    Contrary to the "Body Contouring Massage", "Slimming Course" includes a 20-minute session with "Hydromassage bath". This allows the skin to relax and promotes circulation.

    Secondly, specific remodeling will tone and slim the figure in general or in targeted (arms, legs, thighs,...) areas through massage techniques adapted to the problems of cellulite, orange peel skin and sagging skin.

    Implementation of massage techniques on specific areas of the body is done, of course, with products and natural ingredients known for their effectiveness: our Reshaping Body Gel and Extra Firming Body Concentrate.
This treatment acts specifically or generally on cellulite and fat accumulation. These are localized to specific areas, hence the importance of treating selectively (thighs, stomach, arms, legs ...).

This method allows the treatment to strengthen and give more tone to the tissues that make up the elastic network of the skin.

The skin is firmer, the effect of "orange peel" visibly reduced, cellulite is smoothed.
This treatment takes place in 3 steps:
  1. Underwater massage to re-activate blood circulation and prepare the areas to be treated.
  2. Body wrap to achieve a "thermal shock" and cause severe skin toning.
  3. General dynamic body massage focusing on problem areas to remove fat and cellulite.

5 Reviews for Slimming Course

Thiriez Edith 09 December 2019

Parcours minceur... Avec bain, soin thermique, massage ciblé... Tout est très bien organisé. Esthéticienne charmante et compétente qui vous explique le déroulement de ce parcours... Une fois terminé, on se sent reposée et plus mince.

Anne-Françoise10 December 2017

excellent professionnalisme des esthéticiennes. Je me suis sentie reposée, ma peau est douce et ferme, merci aux esthétitiennes

Isabelle B.31 October 2017

Excellente prise en charge du soin de A à Z, grand professionnalisme des techniciennes-esthéticiennes. Mon corps se redessine et je me sens physiquement et moralement très détendue et dynamique

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This essential oil was one of the first to be used cosmetically. It provides an excellent anti-cellulite treatment, stimulates lymphatic circulation and releases fatty tissue, rendering the skin smoother and rapidly reducing any dimpling.

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Forming an increasingly frequent ingredient in our cosmetics, Cocoa never ceases to surprise us. In addition to endowing the products that contain it with an attractive smell, cocoa also has anti-oxidant, slimming and calming properties.

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Ideal for skin care, Geranium oil is used as a relaxant, but not only for that: it has other astringent, anti-inflammatory or even antibacterial properties that make it very important in cosmetics.

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Duration of treatment 1H30