Body Contouring Massage

Body Contouring Massage

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Slimming and firming:  this treatment helps to tone and slim the silhouette in general or locally (arms, legs, thighs, ...), thanks to specific massage techniques.

    Some techniques on the market offer massages using machines and sophisticated equipment. We feel that nothing can replace the hands of a professional. Massage techniques developed by Nadine Salembier have proven to delight our thousands of clients.

    Implementation of massage techniques on specific areas of the body is done, of course, with products and natural ingredients known for their effectiveness: our Reshaping Body Gel and Extra Firming Body Concentrate.
This treatment acts specifically or generally on cellulite and fat accumulation. These are localized to specific areas, hence the importance of treating selectively (thighs, stomach, arms, legs ...). This method allows the treatment to strengthen and give more tone to the tissues that make up the elastic network of the skin.

The skin is firmer, the effect of "orange peel" visibly reduced, cellulite is smoothed.

1) Preliminary massage with essential oils to warming the skin and stimulate of blood vessels.
2) Application of a cold effect gel to create a thermal shock.
3) Wrap
4) Body contouring using specific products draining action, slimming and toning.

6 Reviews for Body Contouring Massage

ERVYN30 August 2019

Soin très efficace grâce au professionnalisme de l'employée. Les massages sont très toniques et ciblent certaines parties du corps. Les produits sont très agréables, au parfum léger et surtout très efficaces.

Nicole31 July 2019

Du bien-être pendant 1h30. Personnel très professionnel, accueillant et compétant. Que du bonheur.

Silvana verdiani28 May 2019

Massage et produits très efficaces, il faut juste être constant et demander sur quelle zone insister, puis se relaxer. Merci

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Very useful for the slimming treatments, camphor mobilizes areas where greasy nodules are stored. In addition, it awakens and boost the microcirculation.

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As a star among slimming and anti-cellulite products, coffee is a safe bet! In addition to being a stimulant and energiser, it is second to none when it comes to treating the contours of the face and the eyes.

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Well-known in our gardens, Ivy is perhaps less so in cosmetics! However it has qualities that make it essential for the treatment of afflictions of the skin such as itching and burns, etc. and it also helps heal wounds and combat cellulite!

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Known since the ancient times, Lavender is a powerful antiseptic, which rebalances the sebum and improves lymphatic circulation.

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Fucus Vesiculosus

Brown Seaweed, Fucus Vesiculosus was in medical use by the Romans. Now it is used in numerous body treatments such as slimming, heavy legs or for moisturising.

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Duration of treatment 1H15