Lips OR Eyebrows OR Chin OR Ears

Lips OR Eyebrows OR Chin OR Ears

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Hygienic and speedy waxing.

    Sometimes feared, waxing is the most interesting and easiest method of hair removal. It is speedy and hygienic.
    Our hot wax is made with resin. Once smelt, the resin is applied on the skin with a spatula. Once dry, the wax is removed suddenly and the hair is uprooted.

    All premium waxes are of course disposable. Every treatment is followed with the application calendula (healing and anti-inflammatory effect) and lavender (disinfect and sooth) essential oils.
Waxing removes the hair and the root.

Results: you can relax for a minimum 3 weeks! The new hair will grow back softer, finer, and become, with more wax treatments, easier to remove.

Discover as well our beauty tip Guide to a perfect hair removal treatment
Everything is planned to transform your hair removal into a special experience. Guests have a multitude of little touches to enjoy such as:
  • Massage mattress
  • Anti-fatigue glasses
  • Disposable pants for the treatment
  • The use of oils of lavender and calendula. These are applied as smoothing and have excellent properties adapted to post-waxing care. Lavender is an essential oil with disinfectant and calming properties. Anti-inflammatory, it soothes feelings of tightness and leaves skin soft and silky. Calendula, meanwhile, is a healing, anti-inflammatory herb that helps reduce any redness.

16 Reviews for Lips OR Eyebrows OR Chin OR Ears

Catherine nugou13 March 2020

bravo pour une première fois ç était au top

azevedo elisabeth07 March 2020

soin fait avec une grande précision . c'est toujours un grand moment de détente . toujours satisfaite

Renard Edith23 December 2019

Soin fait avec précision et professionnalisme !

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