Eye-liner (lower OR upper)

Eye-liner (lower OR upper)

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An eyeliner that is resistant to summer sun or laughter run-off? It is possible!

    Semi-Permanent Makeup is practiced in the following cases:
    • To highlight the eyes
    • To densify cilia (hair by hair) to aged eyelids
    • To overcome a lack of eyelashes
    This is a valid treatment for men and women
  1. You can apply makeup the day after the pigment implantation
  2. A healing cream will be provided. This cream must be applied at night for the following 3 days
  3. Direct sun exposure and steam bath must be avoided during the following 5 days
  4. A free correction can be performed within the next 15 days. The correction cannot be performed after the deadline as the color and drawing must vanish.

The correction price will depend on the make-up and also on the time since the first implantation:
  • 1 month = 15€
  • 3 months = 55€
  • 6 months = 60€
  • 12 months = 120€
  • 18 months = 180€
  • 24 months = 240€
We would like to inform our customers that have decided to have a light implantation that the color may not maintened for 2 years.

3 Reviews for Eye-liner (lower OR upper)

Josiane MELOTTE HENNE27 March 2020

Travail précis. Ce maquillage semi-permanent est vraiment sensationnel. Je le recommande !

Magalie Goesaert18 December 2019

 Un Grand Merci travail de précision, professionelle , une personne tres agreable et d une gentillesse . Je suis tres satisfaite du résultat pour mon eye-liner inférieur Merci à toute l équipe pour leur accueil

Virginie08 July 2019

Merci à Valérie pour son travail de précision, son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse. Je suis ravie du résultat ! Si j'avais su, j'aurais réalisé cet eye-liner inférieur et supérieur bien plus tôt !

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Duration of treatment 1H15