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Your routine - Oily Skins

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An oily skin produces too much sebum. This has visible consequences on the skin: blackheads, shinny complexion, thicker skin texture, dilated pores, and sometimes pimples. This can be the result of hormonal changes, or just due to a poor eating habits. The complexion is dull and blurred, visibly oily. Results: the complexion becomes clear and fresh. Pores are tightened, the skin is less shinny.

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The undisputed ally of oily skins! Combatting sebum and a general antiseptic, this is a must-include skin-care ingredient.

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Known since the ancient times, Lavender is a powerful antiseptic, which rebalances the sebum and improves lymphatic circulation.

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Soothing, purifying, astringent and toning, as many virtues that make the Peppermint essential in many facial and body treatments.

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Due to its high content of antioxidant, Rosemary offers many advantages: it refreshes, strengthens the tissues and reduces wrinkles.

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With its Latin meaning: "save, heal", the Sage plays an important role to purify, heal and tone all skin type.

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Powerful antioxidant, Thyme is a strong purifying agent, regulating the sebum. It is also known for its anti-aging benefice.

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Tomato flesh corrects the pH of the skin while softly cleansing it. In addition the fruit cleanses the pores and eliminates imperfections.

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Morning: Refresh and purify your skin with Botanical Purifying Water. Then, apply Sebo-Regulating Lotion to mattify and heal in depth. End your routine by applying Radiance A.H.A.

Evening: Cleanse your skin with Soft Cleansing Cream. Finalise the cleansing with Botanical Purifying Water. Then, apply Sebo-Regulating Lotion.

Beauty tips: Apply once or twice a week Mint Purifying Mask.