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Your routine - Pigmentation Disorders

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Your routine - Pigmentation Disorders

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Sun, skin natural ageing process and heredity are important factors that may cause a pigmentation disorder. This is a disruption in the mechanism of production and repartition of the melanin responsible for the colour and pigmentation of the skin. Melanin will spread unevenly and accumulate on the skin. Dark patches (and spots) will appear on the surface of the skin.

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Acerola is a small cherry rich in anti-oxidants and minerals. It is also classified among the top five fruits that are richest in vitamin C, which makes it an ingredient of choice in lightening and anti-wrinkle treatments.

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Uva Ursi

Key plant in cosmetics, Uva Ursi leaves contains arbutin with is a strong and effective property against cutaneous hyperpigmentation. It also helps treating oily skin, reducing the visible effects of inflammation.

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The undisputed ally of oily skins! Combatting sebum and a general antiseptic, this is a must-include skin-care ingredient.

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A true gift of nature, the kiwi has benefits that no longer require proof! Anti-ageing and repairing, its oil is an essential ally to mature skins. With its calming and anti-inflammation qualities, it is also very useful for sensitive skins.

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Green Tea

Astringent and soothing, Green Tea is also rich in caffeine, making it an essential plant for the slimming treatment.

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Beauty tips:
Avoid sun exposure and do not forget to protect your skin with a sun protection factor adapted to your geographic area. Apply on the whole body, hands and decollete, areas first affected and who betraying your age, because perpetually exposed.

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Remove make-up and tone your skin (Whitening Cleansing Milk and Whitening Tonic Lotion). Apply Whitening Active Serum before your night care; Whitening Restorative Night Fluid.