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Your routine - Anti-ageing

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Your routine - Eye Contour

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Your routine - Anti-ageing

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The sun, pollution, natural skin aging increases dehydration and causes a loss of tissue elasticity and firmness. Fine lines and wrinkles appear, the skin is dull and lack of tone. To recover a younger, firmer and smoother skin, an exceptional combination of natural active ingredients are gathered is this box. Hyaluronic acid is associated with vitamin C and shea butter (and many other plant extracts) to prevent and treat these side effects.

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Acerola is a small cherry rich in anti-oxidants and minerals. It is also classified among the top five fruits that are richest in vitamin C, which makes it an ingredient of choice in lightening and anti-wrinkle treatments.

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The effects of artichoke on the liver and bile are well-known; however it also has enormous anti-oxidant and purifying properties for the skin.

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Its stimulating and energizing qualities combined with its recognized antioxidant properties make Cinnamon a relevant ingredient in cosmetics.

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Shea Tree

Real vitamin cocktail, Shea butter penetrates deep to stimulate and regenerate the cell production. Shea butter protects, softens and nourished skin.

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A true gift of nature, the kiwi has benefits that no longer require proof! Anti-ageing and repairing, its oil is an essential ally to mature skins. With its calming and anti-inflammation qualities, it is also very useful for sensitive skins.

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Coco properties in the cosmetics field are well established! Ultra-nourishing, softening, soothing and regenerating, …

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Rich in essential fatty acids and omega 6, Sunflower oil is a strong antioxidant moisturizer which regenerates the skin deep down.

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Beauty tips:
Re-hydrated, stimulated, regenerated, the skin regains its elasticity and natural firmness. The skin is smooth and soft, wrinkles and fine lines fade gradually.

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Morning: Wake up and tone your skin with the Tonic Floral Lotion. On dry skin, apply Vityal-C Serum over the entire face. The serum absorbs quickly. Complete then your daily routine with Vityal with Hyaluronic Acid that will be applied before makeup.

Evening: Cleanse (Soft Cleansing Cream) and tone (Tonic Floral Lotion) your skin before applying 9 Plants Rich Cream