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Mint Purifying Mask - Oily skins

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Your routine - Oily Skins

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Mint Purifying Mask - Oily skins

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Specifically designed for skins suffering from acute seborrhoea, a shiny look and dilated pores, Mint Purifying Mask revitalises the skin and absorbs impurities and excess sebum. 

48.33 € / 100 ml
  1. Refreshes and brightens dull and blurred skins.
  2. The skin regains its young and supple look. 
  3. Absorbs and regulates the production of excessive sebum. 
  4. Tightens the pores. 


Much used in cosmetics, burdock has many applications! Its astringent qualities include the regulation of sebum and the calming of irritated skin. It is also used to stimulate the micro blood circulatory system, essential to the treatment, for instance, of heavy legs.

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A standby in herbal medicine, Echinacea is also used in cosmetics. Its healing properties are particularly useful for frail and damaged skin.

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Soothing, purifying, astringent and toning, as many virtues that make the Peppermint essential in many facial and body treatments.

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The Calendula flower has excellent properties for the treatment of problem skin. Irritation, redness and inflammations.

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Coco properties in the cosmetics field are well established! Ultra-nourishing, softening, soothing and regenerating, …

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Apply once or twice a week over the whole face, neck and neckline.
Leave to work for 10 to 15 minutes. If necessary remove any surplus mask and then rinse in clear water.

Aqua,Sorbitan laurate,Propylene Glycol / Water / Calendula Officinalis Flower extract,Carbomer,Triethanolamine,Oleyl Oleate,Dehydroacetic acid,Benzoic acid,Sorbic acid,Benzyl alcohol,Alcohol / Water / Echinacea purpura,Propylene glycol / water / arctium lappa root extract,Sodium methylparaben,Mentha piperita E.O.,E 102,E 131,Linonène**,Linalool** *E.O. Essential Oils from organic culture ** Natural ingredients from essential oils.

2 Reviews for Mint Purifying Mask - Oily skins

Bouslama 20 April 2020

Mon compagnon a une peau grasse. il a trouvé ce masque juste géniale. Il était ravi de retrouver fraîcheur et hydratation à la fois de sa peau.

Amélie Damiens10 April 2017

masque facile a appliquer,pose de 15 minute et une sansation de fraicheur incroyable grâce a la menthe

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Morning: Refresh and tone (Botanical Purifying Water). Nourish and protect the skin with care cream appropriate to your skin.

Evening: Clean, remove make-up (Soft Cleansing Cream or Essential Cleansing Milk). Tone, moisturise (Botanical Purifying Water). Repair, care (night cream).

Once or twice a week: Exfoliate (Facial Exfoliating Balm) before applying Mint Purifying Mask.