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Reshaping Body Gel

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Reshaping Body Gel

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Ultra Firmness - with 12 natural plant extracts
Thanks to its concentrated formula which is rich in 12 natural plant extracts, Reshaping Body Gel acts in depth to produce visible results on the surface. 
Your skin becomes firmer, dimples get smoothed over and the orange-peel effect disappears.
Your skin feels – and can be seen to be – better!

39.00 € / 100 ml
  1. Stimulates and promotes micro-circulation, drainage and elimination of toxins.
  2. Inhibits transformation of the adipocytes responsible for the build-up of fat. 
  3. Visibly improves the cutaneous relief of the skin. 
  4. Firms up and tones the skin. 
  5. Smoothes over dimples and progressively eliminates the orange-peel effect.


This essential oil was one of the first to be used cosmetically. It provides an excellent anti-cellulite treatment, stimulates lymphatic circulation and releases fatty tissue, rendering the skin smoother and rapidly reducing any dimpling.

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Forming an increasingly frequent ingredient in our cosmetics, Cocoa never ceases to surprise us. In addition to endowing the products that contain it with an attractive smell, cocoa also has anti-oxidant, slimming and calming properties.

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Cypress offers amazing cosmetic properties. It stimulates the blood microcirculation and helps to treat tired skin.

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Walnut oil nourishes, moisturizes and repairs damaged skin. Its natural antioxidant repairs and slows the appearance of wrinkles.

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Ideal for skin care, Geranium oil is used as a relaxant, but not only for that: it has other astringent, anti-inflammatory or even antibacterial properties that make it very important in cosmetics.

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Due to its high content of antioxidant, Rosemary offers many advantages: it refreshes, strengthens the tissues and reduces wrinkles.

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Green Tea

Astringent and soothing, Green Tea is also rich in caffeine, making it an essential plant for the slimming treatment.

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Also called "Brazilian Ginseng", Pfaffia protects and prevents skin biological aging due to outside attacks. It also contains a quick healing agent (pfaffique acid) against skin ailments.

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Indian Lotus

The most sacred plant of India, the Lotus has toning and regenerative properties. Leaving them smooth and bright, it is particularly suited to dull, dry and sensitive skins.

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Well-known in our gardens, Ivy is perhaps less so in cosmetics! However it has qualities that make it essential for the treatment of afflictions of the skin such as itching and burns, etc. and it also helps heal wounds and combat cellulite!

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Litsea Cubeba

Also known as exotic Verbena, Litsea Cubeba is principally used in body-care treatments, and in particular in anti-cellulite, slimming and toning treatments as it stimulates blood circulation, dilates the vessels and combats cellulite.

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In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, Licorice acts on the skin pigmentation process. It prevents the appearance of spots and protects against external aggressions.

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Apply Reshaping Body Gel once or twice a day (morning/evening) using a rotating and toning movement. Move up from the ankles to the hips, with particular attention on the thighs, buttocks and hips.

Aqua,Biosaccharide gum-1,Nelumbo Nucifera Extract,Oleyl Oleate,Propylene glycerol / Suma pfaffia paniculata root extract - Glycyrrhiza glabra root ext.,Hedera helix leaf extract,Sorbitan laurate,Sorbitol,Juglans regia seed extract,Camelia sinensis leaf extract,Theobroma cacao extract,Triethanolamine,Carbomer,Rosmarinus Officinalis E.O.*,Pelargonium graveolens E.O.*,Cedrus Atlantica E.O.*,Cupressus sempervirens E.O.*,Litsea Cubeba E.O.*,Sodique methylparaben,Limonene**,Linalool**,Geraniol**,Citronellol**,Citral** *From organic culture ** Natural ingredients from Essential Oil.

2 Reviews for Reshaping Body Gel

Vanhoudenhoven Carine17 December 2018

tres frais ne colle pas donne vraiment envie de l'utiliser la peau semble plus tendue plus ferme

Les blablas de Kate06 March 2017

Les résultats ne sont pas visibles immédiatement mais au bout d’une dizaine de jours la peau est plus lisse et plus ferme. Le flacon pompe permet un dosage efficace. La texture gel est très agréable et bien fraiche. La peau n’est pas collante après application. Je suis contente des premiers résultats mais je crois que je dois persévérer un peu plus :-) Lire plus :

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  1. Regularly scrub your skin to facilitate and accelerate penetration of the active ingredients (Sea Mud Body Scrub).
  2. Apply the Extra Firming Body Concentrate once or twice a day (morning and evening). 
  3. Once the Extra Firming Body Concentrate has fully penetrated the skin, apply on the Reshaping Body Gel. Massage it into the skin using rotating and toning movement.