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Moisture Rich Body Emulsion - Very dry and sensitive skins

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Moisture Rich Body Emulsion - Very dry and sensitive skins

Reference: 2006-2

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With Shea Butter
Rich in traditional shea butter which the harvest and extraction have been handled by rural women from North Benin, this Moisture Rich Body Emulsion is a treasure for the skin. It nourishes and protects damaged, dry and sensitive skins.  Enriched by a number of natural plant extracts, it ensures a continued protection and hydration for both winter and summer time.

40.00 € / 100 ml
1.Calms the sensations of skin tighness and soothes feelings of irritation.
2.Relaxes muscles.
3.Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F which are regenerating and antioxidant.
4.Powerful moisturizer and softner, it is suitable for very dry and sensitive skins.
5.The skin becomes softer and more smooth. The skin is nourrished in-deep. 

Witch Hazel

Rich in tannins, Witch Hazel is used for its soothing action on the skin. It help to improve the blood circulation of the venous system.

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Shea Tree

Real vitamin cocktail, Shea butter penetrates deep to stimulate and regenerate the cell production. Shea butter protects, softens and nourished skin.

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Also called "Brazilian Ginseng", Pfaffia protects and prevents skin biological aging due to outside attacks. It also contains a quick healing agent (pfaffique acid) against skin ailments.

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Useful for skins showing signs of eczema or stretch marks, Horsetail is one of the oldest plants to be used for healing treatments. Its stems filled with active ingredients are highly valued in medicine and cosmetics.

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Oat is the ideal cereal for frail and irritated skins! In addition to endowing the skin with a very soft, mat touch, it calms irritations and accelerates healing and regeneration.

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In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, Licorice acts on the skin pigmentation process. It prevents the appearance of spots and protects against external aggressions.

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To be applied by massaging the skin with particular attention on the sensitive areas and articulations.

Water,Butyrospermum Parkii,Peg 6-32 Stearate,Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride,Propylene glycol / suma pfaffia paniculata root extract / biosaccharide gum-1 / Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract,Water / Glycerin / Avena sativa kernel extract,Propylene glycol / Water / Hamamelis Virginiana leaf extract,Propylene glycol / Water / Equisetum Arvense.

1 Reviews for Moisture Rich Body Emulsion - Very dry and sensitive skins

Vanhoudenhoven Carine04 February 2019

incroyable comme elle peut etre à la fois nourrissante et légère je ne sais plus m'en passer

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Morning and evening: Applying the Moisture Rich Body Emulsion after a shower (preferably hot as heat dilates the blood vessels in the skin and opens the pores). This will enable the active ingredients to penetrate the skin faster. To enhance its effectiveness, combine the Moisture Rich Body Emulsion with a few drops of Essential Oil N° 6.

Once or twice a week: Scrub your body before applying the Moisture Rich Body Emulsion.