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Botanical Re-Balancing Water - Combined skins

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Botanical Re-Balancing Water - Combined skins

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Made entirely of natural plants, Botanical Re-Balancing Water cleanses with an astonishing affinity to the skin, thanks to its perfect pH and bio-compatibility which makes it the ideal care for combined skins.

21.67 € / 100 ml
  1. The essential oils normalise the oily zones and nourish the dry zones.
  2. The skin is visibly moist and clean. 
  3. The skin is brighter and more uniform.


The Calendula flower has excellent properties for the treatment of problem skin. Irritation, redness and inflammations.

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Damask Rose

As the queen of flowers, the Damask Rose is ideal for tired or mature skins. With its astringent and regenerative properties it is also an excellent skin toner.

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Bio Marin Fennel

When applied to mature skins, Turmeric restores youth and sparkle to the complexion! It is also suitable for sensitive skins which will welcome its anti-inflammatory properties and leave them with a feeling of calm.

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Roman Camomile

If the English count Roman Camomile among their seven sacred plants, they must have a reason! And indeed they do, for this flower has numerous virtues as a powerful sedative, anti-inflammatory, pain-killer, antiallergenic, ....

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In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, Licorice acts on the skin pigmentation process. It prevents the appearance of spots and protects against external aggressions.

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Orange Blossom

Regenerate, tone up.

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In the morning when you wake up, use it to refresh your skin or to prepare it before applying your daily skincare. In the evening spray on a clear skin after removing your make-up and before applying your night-repair care.

To enhance the penetration into the skin, we advice Nano-ION, the portable sprayer that split water drops into nano-particules 

Water,Water / Alcohol / Citrus Aurantium flower essential oil,Water / Alcohol / Rosa Damascena E.O.,Propylene Glycol / water / Anthemis nobilis flower extract,Propylene Glycol / Water / Calendula Officinalis Flower extract,Biosaccharide gum-1,Propylene glycol / water / glycyrrhiza glabra root extract,Propylene glycol / Water / Curcuma longa root extract,Dehydroacetic acid,Benzoic acid,Sorbic acid,Benzyl alcohol,Methylparaben.

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Morning: Refresh and tone (Botanical Re-Balancing Water). Nourish and protect the skin with the appropriate care cream for you skin condition.

Evening: Clean, remove make-up (Soft Cleansing Cream or Essential Cleansing Milk). Tone, moisturise (Botanical Re-Balancing Water). Repair, treat (night care). 

Once or twice a week: Exfoliate (Facial Exfoliating Balm) before applying Strawberry Re-Balancing Mask.