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Massaging and cleansing brush

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Massaging and cleansing brush

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This silicon-made brush uses the "Sonic Cleansing" technology and offers a dual-use:

  • one side to cleanse
  • the other to perfom massage

2,150.00 € / 100 U
  • To be combine with cleansing cares
  • The asperities associated with the vibration gently massage the skin. The face massage will improve the blood circulation and reinforce the skin vitality
  • Waterproof, it can be cleaned with water
  • 7 levels of vibration
  • Easy charge by USB port
  1. To active the vibration, press on the central button
  2. Adapt the level of vibration by pressing on the + and - buttons
Before the first use, charge the device for 30 minutes.

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Face cleansing
  1. Apply Essential Cleansing Milk or Soft Cleansing Cream on the whole face
  2. Perform light massages using the brush with a special care on the forehead, cheeks, chin and eye contour
  3. Rinse the brush with water
Relaxing Massage
  1. Select the desired level of vibration
  2. Perform light massages between the eyebrows, around the eyes, nose and cheeks
  3. Rinse the brush with water