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Sea Mud Body Scrub

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Sea Mud Body Scrub

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100% Natural - Soft and light, Sea Mud Body Scrub is composed of clay and alluvium deposits from beneath the sea-bed. Micro-particles of seaweed are added to impart scrubbing qualities that soften the skin by eliminating impurities and dead cells. This indispensible care before any body-treatment facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the products, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.

12.67 € / 100 g
  1. Stimulates cell regeneration.
  2. Eliminates impurities and dead skin. 
  3. The skin softens and becomes more supple. 
  4. Facilitates the absorption of care products. 


Micro algae particles which creates the peeling effect.

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Sea Salt

Rich in minerals, natural preservative.

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Apply Sea Mud Body Scrub by massaging on a slightly moist skin. Rinse abundantly under the shower. 

Aqua,Maris Limus,Illite,Maris Salt.

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Sandrine RODRIGUEZ20 June 2019

boue marine naturelle, efficace. la peau est débarrassée des ses cellules mortes, la peau est purifiée, lisse. très bon produit

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Pleasure and relaxation care: After a bath, apply Sea Mud Body Scrub over the whole body. The scrubbing and relaxing effect will be enhanced with the use of a massage glove when massaging all parts of the body. Rinse off and apply your moisturising care.

Firm reshaping care: After a hot bath or shower, smooth Essential Oil N°6 over the body before applying Sea Mud Body Scrub. With the hand or with a massage glove proceed with the massage/scrub. Rinse in hot water and apply your reshaping product.