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Morning: Wake up and tone your skin with the Tonic Floral Lotion. On dry skin, apply D.N.A. Moisturising Cream over the entire face.
Evening: Remove makeup and cleanse the skin with Essential Cleansing Milk. Then, spray Tonic Floral Lotion and finalize the routine with applying D.N.A. Moisturising Cream.

Morning & Evening: For the bath or shower, use Toning Shower Gel with marin seaweed. On the dry skin, apply Moisture Rich Body Emulsion.

    Rather than using a different product every day, it is highly advisable to find your own and personalized beauty routine. At most, we suggest you adjust your routine at the start of each season. In beauty, consistency pays.

    Your routine - The Essentials offers a complete home treatment routine.

Lait Démaquillant Essentiel

50 ml

Detailed page

Lotion Florale Tonique - Toutes peaux

60 ml

Detailed page

Crème Hydratante A.D.N. - Peaux Normales à Sèches

15 ml

Detailed page

Gel Douche Vivifiant aux Algues Marines

50 ml

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Emulsion Corps Karité - Peaux très sèches et sensibles

50 ml

Detailed page
No treatment included.

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