Your routine - Anti-ageing

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Wake up and tone your skin with the Tonic Floral Lotion. On dry skin, apply Vityal-C Serum over the entire face. The serum absorbs quickly. Complete then your daily routine with Vityal with Hyaluronic Acid that will be applied before makeup. 

Cleanse (Soft Cleansing Cream) and tone (Tonic Floral Lotion) your skin before applying 9 plants Rich Cream.

Beauty tips: 
Re-hydrated, stimulated, regenerated, the skin regains its elasticity and natural firmness. The skin is smooth and soft, wrinkles and fine lines fade gradually.

    The sun, pollution, natural skin aging increases dehydration and causes a loss of tissue elasticity and firmness. Fine lines and wrinkles appear, the skin is dull and lack of tone. To recover a younger, firmer and smoother skin, an exceptional combination of natural active ingredients are gathered is this box. Hyaluronic acid is associated with vitamin C and shea butter (and many other plant extracts) to prevent and treat these side effects.

Crème Nettoyante Douce

50 ml

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Lotion Florale Tonique - Toutes peaux

60 ml

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Sérum Vityal-C à l'acide Hyaluronique & Vitamine C

10 ml

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Vityal à l'Acide Hyaluronique

15 ml

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Riche Crème aux 9 Plantes au Beurre de karité

15 ml

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