Prepare your skin for spring


After hiding your body under a layer of clothing all winter, spring rears its nose.  It's time to prepare for the beautiful days!  


Every 28 days, the skin regenerates, leaving the dead cells accumulate. So it is advisable to erase your body once a week with a gentle exfoliation as our Silk Body Scrub. Your skin will be softer, firmer, brighter and will prevent ingrown hairs!


It is imperative to moisturize after a scrub, but not only that! Having dry skin on the legs when one decides to wear a dress is not very graceful... So we fight drought and include flexibility with Moisture Rich Body Emulsion or Precious Shea Butter Ointment.


The arrival of spring also means very often the return of swimwear.  And it is not always pleasant to oneself with an unsightly bulge or cellulite.  Fortunately, "Beauté & Vie - Nadine Salembier" Institute  have set up subscriptions advantageous to get rid of those little hassle! Products "DUO Set - Slimming" are also available for the more pressed.


In winter, we often neglect hair removal.  But in spring, with the innumerable choices of dresses and skirts that are available to us, no way to avoid this step! Hence the importance of exfoliating and hydrating the skin!


In fine weather, the skin is discovered and necklines are revealed.

A true asset, the bust yet has very thin skin that needs to be protected. Avoid excessively hot baths; cold water is preferred which will tone the tissues and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Remember to moisturize this area and to protect from the sun by using sunscreen Sun Protection Face & Body SPF30 or Sun Protection Face & Body SPF20. Do not hesitate - to ask about the bust treatments at our institutes in Brussels or Comines.


The forgotten ones, the feet are nevertheless very important! In addition to supporting us throughout the day, often exposed during sunny days! It is therefore essential not to seem to have neglected well hydrated feet and pedicured. Our Foot Treatment Cream solve any problem of drought!


To find the age of a lady, look at her neck and her hands. It is therefore essential to treat all year and even more in the spring! A good moisturizer (you know our Hand Treatment Cream? Ideal for perfectly hydrated hands), a manicure, and you are ready for spring!


Beware! It is important to protect the skin on your face and body with Sun Protection Face & Body SPF30 or Sun Protection Face & Body SPF20. Nothing prevents you to use a self tan - for a deceptive tan! And if you want to boost your skin (and your body), do not deprive yourself of carrots, which are rich in beta carotene, which will give you a nice tan!


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