The skin, mirror of your organs

Many scientific studies proved that skin cells are permanently connected to nerve endings. After a bump, the nervous system starts a chain reaction : rapid heartbeat, rush of adrenaline…

  • If the emotion is positive (ex: joy): the blood vessels expand, the blood rush, the skin redden and gets warmer

  • As the opposite, if the emotion is negative (ex: fear or anxiety): blood vessels retract, the skin gets colder and pale

The role of the brain

The brain is highly responsible in the psychological process. It adjusts  / regulates emotions. However, after a specific event, the brain can be overwhelmed, which then stops the psyche. The brain will unload this overflow of tension on the organs and the emotions will penetrate the fibers, which will cause pain. This principle is called: somatization, a projection of emotional trouble into the body.
These emotional troubles also concern the youngest kids. Unable to speak out their uneasiness, their body will express pain through eczema for exemple.

Examples of cutaneous manifestations linked to organs

Chinese traditional medicine claim that each part of the face are intimately linked to some organs. When one organ is damaged, the face will send signals under the form of cutaneous eruptions, redness, pimples or change of complexion.

(1 & 2) Foreheadsmall intestine and bladder
A heavy consumption of can food, oils, sugar and alcohol will slow down the digestion and will impact the forehead skin. Privilege water consumption, raw food and avoid any type of liquor.

(3) Between the eyebrows: liver
A congested liver can explain the appearance of pimples. To avoid those, do not drink alcohol, oily food and dairy products.

(4 & 5) Top of the cheekbones: kidneys
If the waste in the kidneys are not well eliminated, they will provok a swelling around the eye contour. This is the reason why it is highly suggested to drink at least 1,5L of water per day.

(6) Nose: heart
Skin disorders on the nose indicate a poor blood circulation and a high level of stress.

(7 & 8) Cheeks: lung
Asthma, pollution and smoking are the main causes. To avoid those, remove make-up at night and cleanse your skin daily. Of course, stop smoking.

(9) Chin: stomach
Sugar, fatty food, coffee and liquor will damage your intestinal transit. The solution is to impove your diet plan and privilege high fibre food.

(10 & 11) Side of the mouth: hormone
Pimples are usually showing on the same side of your ovulation. Drink enough water to dissipate the raise of hormones.

The role of cosmetics

Cosmetics are made to preserve the natural functions of the skin, prevent and sooth cutaneous disorders, as well as boosting the cells regeneration.
A good cosmetical routine will reduce the signs of a sick organ.

Here are 3 allies:

  • Soft Cleansing Cream
    A skin cleansed from its impurities and bacterias will develop less infections.

  • Essential Cleansing Milk
    Let your skin breath by removing the make-up as soon as possible.

  • Sebo-regulating Lotion
    Too late, the pimples is showing ! The sebo-regulating lotion will sooth and purify the irruption. The healing process will be improved.

If the skin disorders persists, we strongly advise to consult a dermatologist.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some advice

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