How to avoid ingrown hairs?

Originally small itchy, red, blisters... ingrown hairs are high on our list of enemies! But from today, they have no chance . 

An ingrown hair is a hair that simply did not manage to pass through the skin barrier for a variety of reasons. It then continues to grow , but under our skin. Nothing serious in itself, but unsightly and sometimes painful!
Several factors such as the nature of your hair or the thickness of your skin play a role in the occurrence of these: curly hairs grow poorly and fine hair tend to not pierce the skin barrier as well as thicker hair.

Do not panic, there are obviously ways to deal with them

  • To start, stop shaving !
    Although waxing is not always fun, hair removal will prevent the hair from being cut in the wrong direction and thus lessen the chances of ingrown push. Also pay attention to electric epilators which break the hair at the root and thus encourage poor growth.
  • Exfoliation is essential to prevent ingrown hairs and to refine skin texture and remove dead cells, responsible for the thickening of the skin. Warning! Do your scrub the day before hair removal and not on the same day.
  • Daily hydration is also very important to allow to soften the skin.
    If you are not a fan of this effect "sticky" that moisturiser can give when you get dressed, do not hesitate to apply your cream or lotion at night, where it will have more time to penetrate.

In any case, do not remove ingrown hairs yourself.  Be patient and get the hairs removed properly!

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