Natural solutions for thin lips

Many women worry about their thin lips. And yet there are natural solutions to them look thicker. Explanation please!

Exfoliation and hydratation

First, the secret of a pretty mouth lies in regular exfoliation and hydration. A mixture of sugar and honey will be enough to make a good scrub at a rate of once a week and applying a moisturizing lip balm is needed.

Rules of the makeup

We always say that with makeup there are no rules! There are however a few useful ones to follow, as in the case of too thin lips.

  • The first is do not drop the lip pencil! Begin by drawing your lip contour starting from the outside to the Cupid's bow.  In this way, the features do not sag your lip. Feel free to fill in your lips with the pencil Also, this will allow the lipstick to hold much longer.
  • Light colors should be the favourite of thin lips! Indeed, they have the advantage of softening the features, but also reflect light and therefore give a volume size at the mouth! But light colour does not mean restricted colour: pink, peach, beige, bronze.  A wide choice is offered to you!
  • Matte finishes are excluded for thin lips! They accentuate the delicacy of the lips and harden the lines! Instead, choose gloss finishes, creamy, satiny ... that will increase volumes. Do not hesitate to ask for a touch of illuminator just above the Cupid's bow, bringing light on your lips and accentuated curves.

And if, despite everything, your thin lips are a real complex for you, why not rely on your eyes and opt for a gloss to simply beautify your lips?

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