Air pollution - the sworn enemy of skin

For years, there have been voices against the destruction of the planet by human behaviour. But have we thought about aesthetics? Doctors note respiratory and cardiovascular ailments, allergies and illness among the vulnerable. More than 20 million vehicles continue to emit insidious gas. The whole body suffers, but the organ that takes this scourge with full force is the skin.

In a healthy atmosphere, cell proliferation is at 100%. Once the CO pollution occurs, the cell growth decreased by 24% on average. The skin changes appearance: it loses its lustre, becomes rough, wrinkles deepen and sensitivity increases dramatically. 70% of women and men report having sensitive and reactive skin.

Why this sensitivity?

Molecules such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide cause oxidation of the cells and therefore a deterioration of the epidermal lipids. The skin is less protected, causing overheating, tautness and redness. The skin barrier is weakened and the pH of the skin becomes more and more acidic. There is also dehydration. The skin loses suppleness and wrinkles appear.

The importance of a suitable product

Healthy skin needs to be acid, limiting the spread of viruses and bacteria and allowing the skin to fulfill its role of natural shield. One speaks in this case of balanced skin. Studies show that at pH 5.5 skin can defend itself against many aggressors: pollution, UV radiation, air conditioning, tobacco, lime water, aggressive cleaning agents.

Products at home

Thanks to their active principles, the range of pfaffia products protects and prevents from the biological disintegration due to outside aggressions such as pollution. It gives suppleness to the skin and combats irritation. Finally, it contains a quick healing agent for spots and other skin affections in order to fight against outside aggressions.

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