Why exfoliate?

Our body is not only there on rare occasions, such as holidays or sunbathing. The rest of the time it is trapped in clothing. Gradually, our skin takes care of dead cells and impurities that prevent the skin from breathing or to absorbing active ingredients. Subject to this regime, our skin quickly loses its softness and elasticity. The natural ageing of the tissues is accelerated.

Role of the skin

The skin is a complex organ consisting of three layers: the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

The role of these layer is to oppose the evaporation of the water in our cells which gives suppleness and radiance to our skin through good natural moisture. This natural protection also allows us to withstand harmful pathogenic bacteria for good skin health.

The skin renews its cells on average every 28 days, and naturally rejects "dead" cells. It often happens that with time or with the seasons, the horny layer becomes too thick, too abundant. This accumulation gives the skin a dull and less youthful appearance.

It also notes that the middle part of the face, less irrigated area - the cheeks, for example, eliminates excess sebum from the skin. This place is a storage area of unwanted dead cells. It is the same as parts of our body.

The solution: scrubbing using plant products

Help the skin get rid of excess dead cells with a gentle method and all-natural products. 

The raw materials from the plant world, which cause "peeling" have "selective affinity" for the keratin of the epidermis. In other words the vegetable scrub its composition can not reach that dead or keratinized cells. Exfoliation can not in any way destroy living cells produced by the natural regeneration of the skin. Its use is therefore safe. This way, the skin flora essential to the beauty of the skin is preserved, the natural pH of the skin remains balanced.

The action of the scrubbing is thus carried out in two stages

  • Immediate effect, "Beauty-Flash" thanks to the thinning of the stratum corneum.
  • Controlled and prolonged exfoliation stimulates the birth of new cells and stimulates to strengthen the skin protection. This natural and gentle method also allows maintaining the acid mantle of the skin, refine skin texture, smoothing fine lines and reducing brown spots. 

Result of the scrubbing

The complexion becomes brighter and less oily skin, blemishes have faded. The skin's natural moisturizing ability makes it toned and youthful. The fully manual method activates the surface blood flow.

Treatments in Beauty center

  • Facial treatments where the Seaweed Facial Peel-Off Mask is applied in your beauty salon (Brussels or Comines)

  • Body treatments where the scrubbing is applied in your beauty salon (Brussels or Comines)

At home


These products are perfectly adapted for a soft and effective scrubbing. After the scrubbing, apply your day care to nourish your epidermis effectively. 

  • Sea Mud Body Scrub
    Must be applied on a wet skin and can be easily rinsed under the shower. The skin will be more receptive to the products that you will apply because the scrubbing cleans your skin in depth.

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